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Trump’s Ratings Fifth Highest Since Nixon

Trump’s ratings are not as good as he suggests, but they weren’t half bad either. From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump’s inauguration Friday drew nearly 31 million TV viewers, a number that puts his ratings behind only Ronald Reagan’s first swearing-in, Barack Obama’s first, Richard Nixon’s second, and Jimmy Carter’s first and only.

Trump’s tally of 30.6 million puts his ratings ahead of both the of the inaugurations both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

15 Responses to Trump’s Ratings Fifth Highest Since Nixon

  1. Stop it! “his inaugural crowd was smaller than Obama’s”, “his popularity numbers are low”, and so what.
    He is the duly and freely elected President and nothing is going to change that.
    Pick, attack, ridicule, pick, prick, lie, spin, and nitpick – is all we’ve heard from the MSM since Nov 9 and it’s tiresome and we are not amused.
    How many people watched the Trump Inauguration isn’t news, isn’t indicative of how he will govern, and it meant to belittle his Presidency.
    This isn’t the high school senior’s Class President here, this is the man who is charged with enormous duties, who has the whole world watching, it’s time to quit the campaign – it’s over.
    If the Wash Examiner considers itself as part of the Mainstream News, then start here, start now – report what happens without bias, one way or the other.
    If PresTrump screws up, go for it – otherwise be still and quiet.

  2. Good numbers, but TV ratings doesn´t mean that much today when we have Internet and streaming.
    Trump should not let it bother him, should not allow them to “get under his skin”. Stay above their traps. It certainly requires a special man to fight all these enemies. Trump has shown before that he has those special qualities.

    • “Trump should not let it bother him, should not allow them to “get under his skin”.
      He won’t SL.

      Newt Gingrich was asked why Trump immediately launches a counterattack against his critics.
      Newt said that he is from New York and that’s the way New Yorker’s play.
      He won’t sit and let things fester because he knows the press would have a field day with it.
      So he attacks right back immediately, hence, the tweets.

      Rosie O’Donnell attacked Barron Trump, suggesting that he may be autistic.
      Twitter exploded stating that the family and especially the children should be strictly off limits.

      No worries.

      They won’t get under his skin.
      On the contrary, I think he’s doing a good job of getting under their skin.

      Isn’t it about time?

  3. Perhaps identifying the source of the polling numbers would be helpful.

    We have just finished 8 years of polls that tell us that the employment rate was increasing while the number of people out of a job was also increasing.
    Hmmmmm, that doesn’t pass muster.

    Hillary Clinton was going to win in a landslide.
    Hmmmm, didn’t happen.

    I take all poll results with a grain of salt, especially ones that neglect to identify a source.

    Barack Obama ends his presidency with a 60% approval rating,….pfffft.

    Srdem just above is right.
    We are in for four years of nitpicking.
    One would hope that the WE doesn’t go there.

    • AFVeT, and the polls showed that there was not going to be a Brexit. But the voters went in another direction……hmmmmm…
      Yes, they fabricate “polls” for policy use.

      • Oh, the people have found their voice and it is music to my ears.

        Keep us posted on Marine LePen from your side of the pond, does she have a chance?

        • AFVeT, she has a good chance but will “they” allow it ? She will have an uphill struggle, they will paint her as Mrs Hitler,then they might steal her issues and pretend they always had these opinions they used to label “racist”. That is what happened here.

          • I hope that she is capable of exposing the fact that obviously the policies of the past are not working.
            I don’t know much about her, only that she leans conservative.

      • The European/ UK radio talk shows I listen to are discussing the growing conservative views in that part of the world. People seem to be very dissatisfied with the liberal/socialist politicians who have done enormous damage to the economic and political state of affairs in that part of the world. Perhaps it’s political ying/yang at work. Interesting to watch. The Trump phenomenon seems to be impacting civic life there. Brexit, et al.

  4. On the topic of Trump polls, there’s this:

    “Post-Election Poll: 78 Percent Say Media Coverage Was Biased”

    Most of us noticed the incredible anti-Trump corporate media bias, and now there’s some data to show our observations were likely shared by many others.

    And this: We’ve been hearing that some post election polls suggest that Trump’s ratings actually dropped post elections. That struck me as odd. Yesterday, one pollster being interviewed noted that in those polls where Trump’s approval rating dropped, were post-election polls where the sample polled were 75 percent Democrats and 25 percent Republican. I don’t know if this is correct or not, but it certainly raises a red flag.

    The internals of a poll are extremely difficult to acquire because they are generally proprietary. However, words of caution: don’t rely on a poll unless you know at least some of the “internals” of a poll, i.e., who was sampled (gender, age, race, economic status, etc.), what statistical package was used to sort the data, who is paying for the poll, what questions were asked, what the internal reliability of a poll is, how was the poll field tested (or, indeed, if it was field tested at all) who’s asking the questions and how were these pollsters trained, etc.

    • Local news meme this week (on several stations) has been that Trump is the most unpopular president ever upon taking office…of course, no details on the polling at all – just flatly stated as fact.

      • Exactly. They are framing the issue without giving details. We could could issue the results of a poll saying that 83.945 percent of Republicans believe the moon is made of feta cheese and the corporate press would make it a page one story. No questions asked. Lordy, they are corrupt.