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Trump Schedule || Monday, January 23, 2017

9:00 am || Hosts a breakfast and listening session with business leaders; Roosevelt Room
10:30 am || Signs executive orders
11:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
Noon || Lunch with Vice President Pence
3:00 pm || Holds a listening session with union leaders and American workers; Roosevelt Room
5:00 pm || Hosts a bicameral bipartisan congressional leadership reception; Yellow Oval Room
6:00 pm || Meets with House Speaker Ryan

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      1. And lots of “delivering remarks” from Obama. The guy never shut up with his blather and propaganda about how wonderful he was and how lucky we were to have him as POTUS.

  1. Anybody know where to find the VP Pence schedule? I assume at the Trump/Pence lunch there will be share and review.

    I really do not mean to jam Obama but it is nice to see a business schedule — something work oriented. Meeting with teams, schools,etc is important also but for now, at the beginning, it is refreshing.

        1. I was watching Fox and Friends early Sunday morning, 6 am, and Kristen Fisher was reporting from outside the White House. They pointed out how the lights were already on in the WH residence (at 6 am). Kristen replied that she had arrived at the WH at 5 am on Saturday and Sunday and the lights in the residence were already on when she got there. She also said it was very unlike the Obummer years.

  2. He’ll likely be working long before 9am–phone calls, coordinating with other staffers, checking on progress being made on other issues, catching up on the news, working through the issues of the day. Something tells me that if you are expected to know about something at a meeting with Trump presiding, you’d better be prepared.

    How dad gummed refreshing it is to see a President do a day’s work for a change.

    And, btw, President Trump is accepting no salary, as was the case with Herbert Hoover and JFK. Rumors are that he will give the $400,000 annual salary to charity, but haven’t seen that confirmed yet.

      1. Interesting. Well, accepting no salary for these positions is a great way to make sure the liberal Obama or Clinton hangers on don’t come begging for one of these high level jobs. ;+}

    1. VERY refreshing to finally see a POTUS who works a full day. I agree that if President Trump has a 9 am meeting, he’s most likely working well before that time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in the Oval Office by 8 am.

        1. Hannity said on Friday that the best time to get Trump for an interview was 1AM. Mark Simone of WOR in NY has been a Trump friend for 30 years and says Trump operates on about 4 hours sleep and has more energy than anyone he has ever seen.

  3. 9 hrs. total – As reported – But, who knows how many hrs. before AND after that?

    As a few of my fellow commenters said, when – If ever – did the O’Bungler put-in that many hours? (Not including his golf course time, jet-setting and “delivering remarks” at some Dim-O political hack/fund raising venue).

    Oh yeah, if ya’ have any McDonald’s stock, Ya’ better sell it quick. No more “Happy Meals” with Biden during this administration.

    1. PS:
      That “10:30 am || Signs executive orders” thing might just be a hoot. Who knows, something may come of that 30 minutes to put the Lib-O’s and their subservient Slime-Stream-Media’s panties in a wad all week. Wait and see.

  4. And he will meet with Theresa May this week and talk about a US-UK trade deal.If that works out fine, Britain will have much more leverage in the Brexit-negotiations with EU which means that other members will realize that there is a fine life without the oppressive EU. EU will hopefully crumble. And that would be wonderful. I see that we now have a hardworking man in the White House.A new era, good morning America.

  5. Son of Rusty Shackleford

    Talk about going from one extreme to another! From a president who couldn’t be bothered to do anything until Sportscenter was over at 10 a.m. to one who officially starts work an hour earlier but we all know he’s up at dawn, sending out tweets and letting us all know he’s on the job already.
    And he’s only just begun, to paraphrase the Carpenters.

    1. President Trump not only cares about America, he truly loves this country. It’s a wonderful feeling after eight long years of a PO(t)(u)S who clearly despised this country and did everything he could to bring it down in every way – economically, militarily, culturally, etc.

  6. Very pleased to see the bipartisan congressional meeting on the schedule. I think he will seek to build relationships much more than Obama ever did.

    1. To your point of bipartisanship, it was interesting to hear Trump meeting with Robert Kennedy Jr. on the issue of “vaccine safety and scientific integrity”. I haven’t the foggiest idea if vaccines are an issue with Trump, but perhaps he’s reaching deep into the liberal world to get some of them involved under HIS influence. I dunno. I just thought it was odd.

  7. want to keep this on target — the WH and the President. So, going to consider the opposition as part of that.

    Yesterday or so, we discussed Soros and his increasing activity in the opposition/protests/efforts to overthrow or substantially change the US government. So, we had the feminists. (They are not all crazies, my very mild nephew and wife and child attended in Tucson — university professor and environmentalist). And here is Soros’ gal pal and Steinem’s BFF.

    Nasty stuff.

  8. From the DM:

    “While still giving remarks before the ceremony, Trump told his top advisers that they are in the White House not to ‘help ourselves’ but to ‘devote ourselves to the national good.’

    ‘This is not about party, this is not about ideology. This is about country, our country. It’s about serving the American people,’ he said.

    ‘Public service is a high and great calling, it’s our solemn duty, together, to protect the country, our country, this great, great country.

    ‘To defend its workers and promote the well being of all Americans. So many people are depending on us and on you as families, as people that are going to get it done. So many people. The veterans.

    ‘The unemployed. Men and women serving in harm’s way overseas. Victims of crime and young Americans looking to fulfill their dreams.'”

    Isn’t it great to hear the President speak like this?!

    1. Yes, it is good to hear a President talk like that. And he means it. He’s a happy warrior and he’s going to battle for us! As time goes on, the contrast between the Trump and Obama presidencies will be obvious even to the most lame Progressive Believers among the media and useless eaters. Washington hasn’t seen a President like this for a very long time.

  9. how refreshing to see a POTUS put in a full days work on behalf of the American people. I dont see any celebrity concerts, golfing, 11:00 AM start time or any of the other nonsense that was normal during the Obama years. God Bless President Trump!

    1. Hey Mike, Were you part of the unhinged couple, booted off the airplane flight from Baltimore to Seattle? Angry because your wife made such an @zz of herself?

  10. It wonderful to see a real President at work with a full schedule. I bet President Trump uses the Resolute Desk as a DESK, and NOT as a footstool or a place to park his behind. Go Trump/Pence!

    1. Hey Mikey:
      If we just give ya’ a “Participation Trophy” – As is usually the method to calm you whiners – Will you just grab your comfort blanky and go back to you mom’s basement, shut-up and let the adults rule.

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