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Sunday Open Thread || January 22, 2017



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  1. Europes anti-establishment politicians, ” the populists”, and their followers ( and other free-thinkers ), love the new presidency. Trump will be helpful in tearing down the Soros-infested structures here in Europe as well. But your and our MSM ( that copy yours ) resist and try to stop this. They now wallow in the big demonstrations in the US, they discuss it as evidence that Trump is so un-popular. Oh, but don´t we know all about how our “populist” party was ambushed all the time in the most shameful way. Loud demonstrations with aggressive people disturbed the campaigns, they smashed up cities, there were political ambushes. Just like you have it now. But now, these politicians are finally allowed to participate in TV-debates, interviews in MSM etc. It is simply not possible to neglect them, their message, and the state of affairs in the country anymore. The problems, the crimes are obvious to anyone. So, there is hope. Europe may be slowly, slowly awakening, we will see in the upcoming elections.
    I feel that Trump is up against so much resistance. He carries a heavy load. He really needs support. Maybe he can get it from Europe soon ? Because we need him as much as you do.

    • MsLady, we can appreciate how the European states feel threatened by the huge presence of the big ugly Russian bear, of their apprehension of a President Trump removing our troops from their countries, but the invitation offered to Islam devotees to share their homes and generosity was the very worst wrong policy.
      We hope for only the best for Europe – the ancient homeland of most Americans- but the change must come from within and by your people.
      We can’t do it for you anymore.

      • Srdem, the talk about the Russian threat, the need of NATO and US troops, the Muslim immigration, that is the “old policies”, that is the policies that the Obama administration forced upon Europe, the result of Hillary/Obama foreign policies that the European lackeys and EU happily followed and accepted. Merkel is certainly a Washington/Obama puppet. But there was always resistance against this and there are now European nationalist movements as well. They do not see Russia as a threat but a possibility, they want to restore and build their own national defences,and they definitely want a European fortress of security reasons and no more Muslim immigration. But, while wanting and doing this, they want to keep friendly relations with countries like the US.
        And you are right, the change must come from within our countries and I hope it will. When I say that we need Trump I mean that the mere fact that he is over there with his new ideas is encouraging for our new politicians. And if they succeed they will encourage him.

      • Well said srdem.

        We need to rebuild OUR country before we can efficiently help others.
        Trump stated that many times during the campaign and it only makes sense.

        He has an enormous task ahead of him.
        The global policies of past administrations have not worked, time to try some nationalism.

  2. The MSM continues to be hostile to President Trump. There were several current affairs shows yesterday going on about Trump, Putin and rumoured Russian involvement in the election. Then there were the idiotic women in their childish “pussy hats”. I don’t see why people in Europe and Canada held protests as well. How President Trump deals with healthcare and “women’s issues” has nothing to do with Canada or Europe.

    Sadly, I think President Trump is going to have an uphill battle when it comes to fair and unbiased reporting by the MSM, if such a thing as truth in journalism still exists.

    • NoDhimmi, the protests in Europe and Canada are shameful, agree. They are organized, of course. And Trumps worst enemy is the MSM. They have declared war on him. The problem is, Trumps supporters are too well behaved and civilized to go against them, otherwise they should start with mass demonstrations outside the newspaper- TV station buildings. They should not be allowed to get away with this.

  3. Appears PDJT (President Trump) has read President Harding who said “What this country needs is less government in business and more business in government”. PDJT wants to decrease federal spending by 10% and the workforce by 20%.

    I liked PDJT’s press conference. He refused to take questions from some. He told them they were fake news outlets. Good for him.

  4. I posted some stuff on Soros and connection to protesters elsewhere. I do think, see Hungary’s action against him, that there is increasing awareness of his support and funding to overthrow this government and muck about in others.

    And there is a new sheriff in our town, so I suspect he will no longer have the free hand he has done to indulge in illegal activity.

    Here is a very good article on Soros. The spotlight is on him in a more serious way now that Barry has moved his operation to Kalorama.

    Also I think City Journal is excellent and often covers our concerns.