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Saturday Open Thread || January 21, 2016



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  1. Neighbor friend went to the march in NYC today…..cannot wait for her report. I want to ask a few questions:
    What was the purpose?
    What was accomplished?
    If it was a work day, would you have gone?
    Regarding reproductive “rights”, what if your mother had the same point of view….well?

    Sidenote: Isn’t is really non-reproductive rights?

    Not saying Roe v Wade should be upended, but is not our time better spent talking with young men and women of contraceptives, safe neighborhoods, and respect?


  2. For those of us suffering from PTSD of Obama, we hope for Trump to do good things might help.

    8 years of daily insults, bad judgement, anti American hate speech and giving us the finger, has traumatized us. No safe space, no caring libs, just insanity everyday!

    Together we shall build a new American.

    • Yes and, on a wider note, it is truly inspiring to see how Trump has brought in accomplished adults to help him. Obama’s fourth rate “advisors” had us on the path of intentional destruction. Had they been allowed to continue in the positions they held we would have been doomed.

  3. The pictures of these marching women tell a lot. They are trouble makers and rabble rousers of a certain kind, a kind we often see take to the streets here in Europe, often in disguise. So sick and tired of them. Makes me ashamed for womanhood. Where were these people when Bill Clinton was president ? Why do they have no objections to the anti-female Islamisation of the West ?

    • Yes, and it’s obvious these demonstration were highly organized and well funded. The larger story is: who organized them and who funded them? That would tell us a lot. It would peel back the curtain, something that should be done.

        • i am in mod jail. Pro life feminist group removed from sponsorship.

          Something to do with “intersectional feminism”. More slaughter of the English language.

        • I wonder if it’s a CAIR/Soros combo.

          Remember Occupy Wall Street? Charlie Gasparino said on Friday on Fox Business that was Union funded by the NEA. If true,McThat’s pretty disturbing.

      • Soros has been linked to J2Destruct or whatever it is. There are other articles calling for an investigation Soros’ link to “protesters”. It is illegal to cross state lines to protest for pay (I think). Point being that there is a lot they do that is illegal (destroying personal property) that is illegal and Soros funding is as well.

        It is getting press now so the linkage will be difficult to ignore. Plus there is a new sheriff in town and wanton destruction and threats is no longer acceptable or protected by the misuse of the 1st Amendment.

    • Pretty much pro choice, or really now, pro abortion is an essential part to being a feminist. See the link below where a Pro Life Feminist group was removed from the sponsorship.

      According to Roxanne Gray “Intersectional feminism does not include a pro-life agenda. That’s not how it works! The right to choose is a fundamental part of feminism.”

      So…. there. Typical leftists — if you do not agree with us then you are disqualified from being a feminist. Although I admit I do not know what “intersectional feminism” is, it must include abortion.

      Here is the story.

      Apparently you can’t be pro right to choose and prolife at the same time. Das ist verboten.

      Funding for all large protests should be examined. And all protests must meet the same requirements re. permitting, location etc.

      Protest Land will now be Obama country and it is important to require the same from all groups.

  4. Honestly I don’t give a rip who funded these man haters with daddy issues I know we will be about the issues of America from here on out…it’s great to see an alpha male again!

  5. If women want to be treated as ladies, they should comport themselves as ladies.
    If they want equality, then they should accept responsibility equally such as — pay for their own birth control and medical expenses instead of demanding all Americans do it for them, in the military — have the same requirements as the men, on the job — and the list is far longer than space allows.
    The marchers were comprised of approximately .31% of the American population listed on 1/1/17.
    If celebrities believe their political opinion is so valued and important, run for office.

    • Word is that Madonna will be investigated for her call to blow up the WH. Seeing is believing. But they should.

      It is time for those “special snowflakes” like entertainers and protesters and others are held responsible for their words.

      That is the problem with the Left. They are always making up new words — undocumented for illegal — and think it is of no consequence. This is not a good example of threatening language, of course, but it does illustrate how casual they are about words and how they think by changing them they somehow change the meaning. They do not.

      Also I read that Melania is retaining counsel vis a vis Rosie ODonnell. I think regarding her words about Barron. What happened to children Off Limits?

  6. I can’t wait to see President Trump’s Daily Schedule tomorrow—-gonna be a lot longer than President Stampy Foot’s was!!

  7. I might be helpful for the single male cruising the dating sites if females would state if they agree or participated in the women’s march. You know just to see beforehand major conflicts that could arise during a relationship.