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Trump Immediately Announces Freeze on Regulations

Now that’s what I call hope and change.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump took a series of executive actions minutes after the inaugural parade concluded Friday evening, one of which was to place a regulatory freeze on all federal agencies until his administration provides further notice.

“The Trump administration will send a letter to all executive agencies tonight to immediately abide by a regulatory freeze,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters around 7:15 p.m. ET.

21 Responses to Trump Immediately Announces Freeze on Regulations

  1. Holy Cow Batman! We have a Common Senser in the Oval Office! Only been 7 hours and the federal fans are being hit with feces! I love it! I guess half of President Trumps ideas can be accomplished by house cleaning rules and regulations. Get the ticks off our backs.

  2. Excellent. I had heard he “loosened” some of the Obamacare regs, but was unaware of the freeze.

    Looks like there is going to some serious swamp draining.

  3. Just to add to the topic: Trump has been in contact with Congressional leaders and completely supports their efforts to wipe the dust off the Congressional Review Act (CRA) and use it as intended. This is the Act by which the Congress may review and indeed cancel new Federal regulations decreed by regulatory agencies (EPA, BLM, etc). So Trump’s Executive Order is a first step toward cleaning up the mess the regulatory agencies have created under Obama’s reign and which has been slowly growing under several former Presidents. It’s a good omen for things to come, and ties nicely to Article 1 of the US Constitution. Ultimately, it should ultimately help restore the proper legislative powers of the Congress, which has oversight over all legislation. Good stuff.There will be big fights over this, you can imagine, and the lefties will go nuts, telling us that the world is about to end if these regulations are cancelled. Hang on for the fireworks.

    This is a big deal.

    Here’s more about the CRA:

    • To which Trump will respond, accurately enough, that if those rules were so needed and necessary, then bringing a proposed rule to the floor for a yeas-and-nays vote should be a formality… right, Chuck-n-Nancy?

  4. Aha, he really is Batman.
    Bam! regulations in the trash.
    Boom! no more Obamacare mandates.
    Pow! erased climate change from the White House website.
    Bang! Mad Dog Mattis will lead our re-energized military.
    The Bat Signal shines from the WhiteHouse.

  5. I had expected a “reach-out”, more of an ordinary speech but, oh boy, Trump thundered.It was smacks and slaps directed against the political class present. He gave them his message: no political pirouettes, do not mess with this president.I admire his stamina. His other message was: I will stick to my campaign promises and you can put your trust in me. He is some kind of a working class hero. He is here to serve his country and fellow citizens , not like the other one who thought he was owed services. Trump is a real man, a real American. I feel I can trust him too.
    And Melania shone. This European woman, who never expected /wanted to be married to a top-politician, she acted and behaved with great poise and dignity in every situation. And looked glamourous while doing it. That beautiful blue Ralph Lauren dress, shortened sleeves and long gloves, I loved it.And her hair-do, she looked so fine in that swept up hair. She will be a style icon. And Barron, what a handsome boy.I think he won the hearts of many yesterday. And the rest of Trumps big family, oh dear, so many adorable little kids running around. I feel good having such a First Family over there. You must do that too.

    • swedishlady, please let us know how Europeans are reacting to President Trump’s inauguration speech. Your reports are always interesting.

    • I wish more Americans felt that way about Trump’s speech and the way his big solid family supports him in a very public way.
      I liked his speech, but I’m reading derogatory remarks regarding his speech and not just from the left. Words like “sour, stilted, mean spirited, not Reganesque, not hopeful,” and on and on and on.
      This is a president who is going to change things in a good way and he is probably going to do it in a way that we are not used to. Those who don’t like that need to get over it. We need some fresh air in DC, we need the establishment political thinking to go away. I fervently hope DJT accomplishes his goals for America.
      Donald Trump is not Ronald Reagan, he has not claimed to be as far as I know. This is not the 1980’s. In 2017 we have a whole new set of problems that require different solutions.
      Donald Trump is also not establishment in the same sense as the self enriching pukes feeding at the government trough and saying to heck with the rest of America.
      I like this new chapter. I like Donald Trump. I pray that our Lord gives him and Mike Pence everything they need to lead our country.

      • I really liked the speech. To the point. Plain speak. Action oriented.

        Both the establishment of the right and left were put on notice as they should. Heads exploding everywhere. I do not think they will be indulged.

      • “…the self enriching pukes feeding at the government trough and saying to heck with the rest of America…”
        Oh so true.
        There’s one pundit who said President Trumps speech focused to much on America.
        To much? What the hell is he thinking.
        Right now I want America to get back on its feet at full strength, economically and militarily, then, maybe we can help other countries, maybe.

      • “sour, stilted, mean spirited, not Reganesque, not hopeful,”

        Gee, that description reminds me so much of the president who just left office, and all his anti-American rhetoric the past eight years.

      • His solid family supports him…right after the oath, Ivanka hugged him and said I love you. Those are three very important words and are used daily in my family.

  6. The Daily Mail has a good dozen world newspapers (China, Germany, Russia, etc) front page inauguration stories posted along with a short comment under each one. Very interesting piece.