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Protestors Block Inauguration Entrance

Using chains to lock themselves together, anti-Trump protesters successfully shut down access to a checkpoint for the inauguration along C Street on Friday, the Washington Examiner reported.

Black Lives Matter and #DisruptJ20 protesters moved swiftly to block Donald Trump’s supporters and others from attending Inauguration Day festivities. The crowd began to swell as protesters from nearby groups joined their effort.

A group of activists from Showing Up For Racial Justice came from a nearby protest to join the cause.

15 Responses to Protestors Block Inauguration Entrance

  1. I like what a guest on Varney said, “Spray the protesters with dye so law inforcement can I/D them and arrest.” I say shoot them with rubber bullets so they need medical treatment then arrest!

  2. It is official. The democrats are now the party of kooks, malcontents, professional agitators, unemployed college students, media and celebrity and business elites. The end. God Bless President Trump!

  3. Presumably it was an epic fail. There were an awful lot of people in attendance at the inauguration.
    Huh. The rotten crybaby Dems weren’t even missed.

  4. Why were they blocking the path of ordinary people who only wanted to use their ticket to see the Inauguration ceremony?

    My guess is that they were fishing for, hoping for, an act of violence from Trump supporters. That would have “justified” an all-out beating and rioting melee.