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DC Police Clash with Anarchists Protesting Trump

I saw a couple of the anarchists at Potbelly sandwiches in Washington today picking up a sandwich, chips and a cookie for $10.

Good piece with good photos from the Examiner:

An Inauguration Day standoff in D.C. between police and anarchist protesters resulted in dozens of arrests, at least one person removed by ambulance and police officers pepper-spraying people to disperse the crowd.

The protesters smashed windows at a bus stop and businesses in the downtown area before congregating in mass in front of the American Health Care Association building on L Street Northwest. Police surrounded a group of about 100 protesters and began arresting them one by one.

At one point Friday afternoon, someone smashed the window of a police vehicle, which quickly sped away.


7 Responses to DC Police Clash with Anarchists Protesting Trump

  1. They have no right to indiscriminately destroy property.

    As to the sandwiches etc. They are paid anarchists now, so they can afford some niceties while they are out destroying other peoples’ things.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if we would be better off
    not knowing what the troublemakers are doing.
    If the media didn’t take photos of them perhaps
    we would all be a lot better off. Then perhaps they would crawl back to where they came from.

  3. They also are double standard specialists. They’re protesting (snort) Trump’s language to women while cheering and applauding Madonna who was positively spewing obscenities. She’s so old that her Sell By date has only three numbers for the year…hardly relevant of you Madge.