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Obama: No Contradiction in Handling of Manning, Russia

Remember, Manning was charged with crimes that could have given him the death penalty.

The Washington Examiner reports.

President Obama on Wednesday said his decision to commute the sentence of WikiLeaks leaker Chelsea Manning after sanctioning Russia for allegedly leaking information to the same government transparency group did not constitute hypocrisy, as some have charged.

“I don’t see a contradiction,” the outgoing president said at his final press conference.

10 thoughts on “Obama: No Contradiction in Handling of Manning, Russia”

  1. Obama is the original golden shower; he has been p#$$g on the American public for 8 years with his bold face lies and contradictions and they still think it is an april shower of rain.

  2. It’s not a double standard, really.

    It’s a single standard, easily explained and understood.

    If it helps Democrats and/or hurts Republicans, then it’s good, noble, done with pure motives and clear mind, and therefore should be advanced by force if resisted. If it hurts Democrats and/or helps Republicans, then it’s evil, deplorable, done by malice and perhaps even mental illness, and therefore must be stopped by any means necessary.

    It’s not exactly rocket surgery. ;)

  3. How silly – assuming MrObama is going to admit he’s wrong about something he did.
    He still believes that the ACA is “healthcare” and affordable to all.
    He doesn’t acknowledge that his Nobel Peace Prize was given to him in error.
    And there isn’t enough room on my whole computer to point out all the things he’s been wrong about or caused harm to by his dumb actions.

  4. I don’t actually wish it would ever happen but the poetic justice award of all of human history would be this ahole getting taken out by one of the very terrorists he let out of Gitmo.
    He has the gall to let Manning out of jail while still to this day there is no record of where he was for hours while brave men were dying in Benghazi?
    If ever there was a traitor among us, it is on Barack Hussein Obama.

  5. Complete and utter BS. Moreover Manning is a traitor, his information led to the strengthening of ISIS and enemies of the US,and people died.

    If Manning was not a he/she it is unlikely he/she would have been pardoned, although with Obama you never know. 35 years is not harsh. Death, life sentences are usual for treason.

    Obama is too dishonest to claim a distinction between his treatment of Manning and Russia.

    He politicizes everything . His 8 years was one stupid dumb social experiment. He used the US as a petri dish and almost blew us up.

    It is appalling that he and his people , strategically placed, will still have their grubby fingers in government.

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