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Obama: America needs to reckon with its history on voting rights

No president has done more to sow racial division than this one. America, unlike any European country, elected a minority to be its leader. And then he used the post not to bring us together, but to lecture us and divide us.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Obama called for the country to reckon with the history behind the restriction of voting rights, drawing a line between new laws that restrict the franchise to Jim Crow laws and slavery.

Obama said the United States is the only advanced democracy in the world that makes it harder for people to vote. It’s something the country must reckon with now, he said.

“That dates back. There’s an ugly history to that, that we should not be shy about talking about,” he said.

22 thoughts on “Obama: America needs to reckon with its history on voting rights”

  1. This man had the world laid out at his feet. He could have brought about positive change that actually would have helped ppl. Instead he crapped on everyone he could.ive never understood how providing a photo ID infringed on voting rights. Guess it only prevents you from voting multiple times. He’s so self centered, he will never understand that he’s not.

    1. I agree.
      He could have gone down in history as the greatest president, a great man.
      Instead he chose to carry out an agenda bent on destroying America, or doing as much damage as possible.
      But he was trained for this from his formative years. He really couldn’t help himself.
      It’s like those children terrorist are using as sucide bombers and murdering people.
      Now he’s just a footnote .

      1. We’ve been required to show photo ID to vote in Georgia for years and…no problem. No one’s voting right has been suppressed. A photo ID is free if a registered voter doesn’t have a driver’s license, passport, or other government issued ID.

  2. What he forgets (or maybe doesn’t know) America has a shameful record of gross, unlawful voting scandals from one side or the other. Paying the unemployed to vote a certain way, forging voter registrations, getting voters drunk before throwing down ballots on the bar for “X”s, and most recently counting more ballots than voters (in Detroit precincts).
    We have millions of illegal aliens, legal Visa holders who are not eligible to vote, but do and there’s not much said about that.
    Assuming he’s referring to the old Jim Crow voting laws where a potential voter had to pass a written test or even pay a voting fee, OK that was wrong, but no one does that anymore. Of course, a simple written test that indicates one actually knows what’s going on would help, IMO.

    1. It was the Democrats that were responsible for Jim Crow laws, the KKK and voter intimidation. Yet the rest of us are supposedly racists.

  3. What a vile little man. Obama forgets this country fought a bloody civil war so that blacks could be free men and women. Unless I’m mistaken, we’re the only country to do this. I wish someone in the media would seriously confront him with that fact!

  4. I do believe America is the only democracy that has a political party that wants to just let anyone walk up, say they’re legal, and allow them to vote.
    If you can’t provide a photo ID to prove you are who you are, you shouldn’t be voting. Period. Full Stop.

    1. Geoff – I took and showed my passport at the last vote. The registrar said, “Oh, you don’t need that!” and I replied, “I’m making a point.” “Ahh,” she said, smiling.

      1. I had to fill out a questionnaire and show my ID and this is/was a Hillary win/win state.
        I went on my lunch to vote the day the email investigation reopened
        YAY Trump

  5. I’d kind of like to know what “advanced democracy” has looser voting laws than we do. It probably wouldn’t be a democracy for long, as our’s won’t be if we don’t start enforcing the laws.

    Everybody gets one vote. The only way to enforce that is to ID voters. If that really is a hardship, then so is educating yourself to vote responsibly. Then you probably shouldn’t vote.

  6. january 20, 2017 can’t come soon enough.

    He did his best to ensure that illegals, non citizens and anyone who could would vote twice.

    If I were a black person or a person of color I would be insulted that Obama and the Democrats think I could not get to the polls.

    And Creamer, the Democrat voter thug, was front and center the other day.

    And thank the good Lord that we will no longer be lectured to by this punk who sees history through his own political ideology and grab for power. Barack Obama knows nothing about the history of the US.

  7. Until Barack Obama assaulted the United States I never believed in, in fact I opposed, National ID cards.

    Now I am reconsidering them. And they will not be available via the mail from the DMV.

    1. Interestingly, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, India, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, France, Malta, Belgium, and Italy all require ID cards (of some type) for voters. There are probably other countries with the same requirement. So when Obama says or implies that all other countries make it “easier” to vote by not requiring some form of ID, he’s flat out lying. Again.

    1. wow. Got to keep out the , um, Trump people. Who knows what they might do.
      ot: good news for AZ
      With the last storms that passed our state, our snow pack in the mountains is yuge. Our water retention venues are over 1/2 full and we’re expecting two solid days of rain in the south, and snow up north.
      yee haw.
      Global warming/cooling/whatevers, my patootie.

      1. I saw the story about the bobcat cruising around Sedona! Crazy was a bit concerned as my 80 something Mom goes there regularly but all good now.
        Sign of the times??

  8. Obama described:
    A self taught amatuer charlatan inllusionist magician. Failed to keep the rabbit hidden in his pants long enough to fool the audience. Popularity for his act diminished rapidly. Lacking promoting agents, went on a nationwide tour marketing himself. His first and last tour was billed as , “My Wonderful Me Tour!” He sometimes appeared on stage with a pet donkey which he trained to move its mouth while he attempted to prod the animal to sing, “We’ve got the whole world in our hands.” The donkey became overweight from all the fruit and vegetables thrown on stage.
    After closing his act in Old Fartsville, Florida he went into retirement. To this day few have ask about him. But, his gig with the United States Government enriched his bank account to several millions of dollars. (read more if you have the stomach for it)

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