In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – January 18, 2017

8 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – January 18, 2017”

  1. I sense a defeated man speaking his disappointment.
    He’s obviously accepted that all of his EOs, his agenda is about to be overturned and while not happy, wants everyone to know that we can move on.
    I was impressed with his demeanor, and his calming words to this supporters.

    Now, on to making America great again!

  2. Maybe Barry saw this coming, and decide to honor us with his last whine and whimper:

    “Obama scores the worst legislative record in history”

    If a departing President is constantly trying to convince us that he was an amazing, fantastic, awesome, fabulous President, then he is admitting he realizes he was a complete dunce and a failure. Just a rule of thumb to keep in mind.

  3. Finally !! The last presidential speech by this person.
    No more lectures from someone who only lives in his head and on our dime.
    Was beginning to fear he would pull some shenanigans to turn the presidency into another China. Does anyone recall his telling them he wished he could run America like China but wasn’t allowed?

  4. The so-called Great Orator? Caught some of his mumblings and pauses on the car radio news. I’ve heard four year olds that were more fluent in expression. Um… uh …. long silences …
    Clearly Democrats will believe what they’re told; not what they hear with their own ears. Explains a lot.

  5. Reminds the Press their responsibility is to be skeptical of those in power, and not “sycophantic”.

    I think he means as of January 20. And there is every indication that the “press” will accept these marching orders .

  6. Interesting. I read some other things he has said and essentially he doesn’t get it.

    He says if this doesn’t happen, or he sees this happening he will step in and ….He doesn’t realize he is has no more special rights than the average citizen. No one is obligated to do anything he says. We have divorced him.

    He is now an Ex. Ex wife, ex husband, ex President. He gets some alimony in terms of a pension and security and a few other perks and that is it. And we are a Republic with elected officials, not a Banana Republic where he has any power whatsoever.

    It’s a divorce Barry, not a separation.

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