As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Josh Earnest’s Final Briefing

Presidential dropby almost guaranteed.

24 Responses to Video || Josh Earnest’s Final Briefing

  1. Yes, he did drop by. MrEarnest says he’ll be back tomorrow, too.
    Reality that is really really is over must be terrifying to President Me, I, Me.
    How many more days? sigh.

  2. How nice Lying Gosh the traitor gone! Rubbing my hands together with glee!

    Slowly the swamp is draining. Now for all of O’s Muslim appointees and incompetent blacks! Some are both!

  3. So happy this will be the last time we watch him stand there and blatantly lie. I stopped being able to watch and/or listen to him a LONG time ago…

  4. Not watching…. would rather watch the Kardashians…which I don’t.

    Josh could be a nice man, but who the heck would hire him, unless there is the ACME Snake Oil Company out there …

    with apologies to Wyle E. Coyote.


  5. Yep, Barry’s pen is almost out of ink and Josh is almost out of words. Hooray!!

    The Oblamers are going to Palm Beach as soon as the inauguration is over-of course they are flying one way on AF-1 which will supposedly be their last time on that plane.
    I guess they will fly commercial back home where Michelle will be busy schtruggling in one of her 4 homes and even more schtruggling with the 40 million dollar up front fee they are receiving for their book deals.

  6. Walmart announcing 10,000 new retail jobs and 24,000 new construction jobs building new stores and training centers in the near future.

    GM announcing one BILLION dollars in factory investments and bringing at least 450 jobs back from Mexico.

    Things are looking up.

    • I worked in PR/Corp communications for a long time, and was very good at it. For me, I slowly started having a nagging bad feeling I couldn’t put my finger on, until one day I woke up and realized I was telling lies for a living. It was not something I could live with so I left the job and the field – and the income – forever. One reason I started my blog was to recover my own voice and gain the courage to say what I really think again. Hopefully Josh will recover himself and his own voice over time.

  7. If Obama had worked as hard and as energetically planting “landmines” against ISIS and other enemies of the United States as he has in the last few weeks against Trump the country would be in a much better position.

    But the country has never mattered. The only thing Barack Obama has ever exhibited any interest or energy towards is Barack Obama. And his horrid transitional activities and future plans are proof positive.

    No matter what, he failed as a President and his Legacy will be as our most divisive President. It is fitting that even the claim first black President of the United States is only 1/2 true.

      • First, he would never buy anything — somebody will have to buy it for him.

        If he takes care of it the way he “took care” of the country, it will be ready for the trash heap end of day.

  8. Since Jan 1st Obama has given about 100 of his aides and close friends government jobs. Some of these are Susan Rice, ValJar, Ben Rhodes and even Michelle Obama’s speech writer. So a lot of them are staying in Washington. I’m getting angry and I hope and pray that Trump will fire them all as soon as he gets in.