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Obama Commute’s Sentence of Chelsea Manning

Well, we knew this was coming. I mean, Manning is just a traitor, what’s the bid deal, right?

And anyway, with Hillary providing access to classified information to the maid, how seriously could President Obama take such things?

From the Washington Examiner:

President Obama on Tuesday commuted the remainder of Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence, ensuring the former Army soldier will be released this May instead of in 2045.

Manning was convicted of leaking sensitive information about American military and diplomatic activities to the government transparency site WikiLeaks in 2010.

Manning was originally sentenced to 35 years in prison and moved to solitary confinement after attempting suicide in an Army prison last July. Manning has been pushing the military to cover the expenses of a sex reassignment surgery Manning hopes to have.

18 Responses to Obama Commute’s Sentence of Chelsea Manning

  1. Is it his opinion that military secrets are not secrets, not important?
    What a legacy, a betrayal of our military that has always
    No words. Traitor releases traitor.

  2. The takeaway for posterity:

    If someone is convicted of spying, better to execute them quickly, than wait for a future Democratic president to free them.

  3. Now Manning can pay for his own gender reassignment surgery, or did Obama also commit the military to meet this obligation with tax payer money?

  4. And Obama released ten more mad dog Islamic terrorists from Guantanamo prison this very morning. He’s on a roll, ain’t he? Who would be surprised if Obama released every convicted rapist and killer from Federal prison within the next 24 hours? No one, that’s who would be surprised.

    • I still believe Barry will try to get Philadelphia cop killer Wesley Cook’s sentence commuted as well.
      That will be his last F U to law abiding, white America.

      • I think there is some black left over revolutionary female cop killer harbored by Cuba I think. Will be curious if she gets to take a cruise back to the US on our dime and Obama’s pardon.

  5. Well, let’s see. If President Trump will now commute sentences of sailor Kris Saucier and others like him, and pardon Julian Assange, the scales of justice on classified information may begin to right themselves (although the dead weight of Hillary Clinton’s crimes will keep things skewed for the next 20 years)

  6. Next up Beau Bergdahl. No matter that soldiers actually died looking for him.

    It will be interesting to see under which rock he has been living these days.

    And can’t wait to see what he does about Hillary — nothing to commute really, but if he does ….

  7. Little Barry is probably very intrigued by the tranny in waiting traitor. Maybe they can be roommates come May 2017, Bless their freaky hearts.

  8. A traitor ? There are many traitors to the people around but I do not consider, Manning, Assange and Snowden among them. These people are Davids against the evil Goliats. We should applaud the public exposure of human rights violations and illegal espionage that our governments do in secrecy. Wikileaks helped bring down Hillary and bring Trump to power.