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The Clinton Global Initiative Closes Up Shop

A great editorial from the Washington Examiner:

The Clinton Foundation has confirmed that it always was what we and many others said it was.

Its latest tax filing declared that the Clinton Global Initiative is closing its offices and sacking 22 staff. This comes amid reports that donations dried up after Hillary Clinton lost the election November 8.

It was always obvious that the Clinton Foundation was not simply a charity. As Hillary’s opponents but also neutral observers discerned, Hillary was a coin-operated policymaker and the Clinton Foundation and CGI were toll collectors for access to her State Department and a future Clinton administration.

The CGI was innovative and quite unlike a normal charity that takes donations and uses them to dole out grants or do good works. Instead, the theory was that it would be the locus of meetings and connections among big business organizatiions that wanted, for example, to alleviate drought in Africa or help educate women in Asia.

There was a big gap, however, between theory and practice. Most of CGI’s undertakings were not completed, according to the organization’s own report.

CGI wasn’t really delivering financial education to Haitian youth, to take another example, but selling access to the Clintons and siphoning money from the coffers of the corporations meeting at the CGI, enriching the Clintons and their friends.

10 Responses to The Clinton Global Initiative Closes Up Shop

  1. They’ve got no influence left to peddle, no actual skills to pay the bills, and high-roller appearances to keep up for a long time.

    Little people with aspirations of their own? Eh, who needs ’em.

    Grifters to the last.

  2. Glad to see this corrupt enterprise has come to an end. (Or will it now become the Obama Global Initiative–simple name change?) Now the question is, when will the criminal investigations for all the theft and pay to play activities generated in the Clinton Global Initiative begin? When will the FBI inform us of who fattened their bank accounts or which enemies of the State were passed national secrets for a price? (Our missile guidance technology passed on to the Communist Chinese–another Clinton scheme, if you remember). When will the trial for stealing money from the Haitians begin?

    Cabinet officer and Secretary of the Interior Albert Bacon Fall went to jail for accepting bribes in the Teapot Dome scandal in the 1920’s. And that was nothing compared to the crimes of the Clintons. And, yes, that was his real name. You could say he took a Fall for all the Bacon he acquired. ;+}

    • As I was reading through the “Trump, we shall destroy you” warning (my words, not theirs), I was reminded of the eight-year-long hysterical and protective journalistic Obama-groveling we’ve all been witnessing. The corporate press has a little to no confidence rating of 94 percent. Only six percent of the public believe what the media is reporting is the truth, or something vaguely resembling the truth. They have completely destroyed their brand, and now are lecturing Trump on how he’d better behave they way they want him to behave, or else!

      Was there ever a more hypocritical gaggle of biased, crooked loudmouths and propagandists? No. That’s why their readership and viewership numbers are dropping like a rock tossed over the cliff. And they don’t seem to care.