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Trump May Kick the Press Out of the White House

From the Washington Examiner:

President-elect Trump may kick the press out of the White House briefing room and into a different space nearby when he takes office, according to a report published Saturday.

Esquire reported three transition officials, the Trump team is kicking around the idea of putting the press in the White House Conference Center or a place in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, located next door to the White House.

Sean Spicer, the incoming White House Press Secretary, told the magazine “there has been no decision” but the Trump team is trying to figure out how to accommodate more press.

20 thoughts on “Trump May Kick the Press Out of the White House”

  1. The MSM Time Out Room…. not sure of this is wise, will certainly tick off reporters, but it will make the workday at the WH tolerable and more effective.


    1. You mean, more than the screaming infantile RAT retards are, or have been for the last year? I’d suggest throwing their asses over the fence, and they can camp out there. Since they are just the enemy and opposition. WHY be polite? SCREW EVERY ONE OF THEM

  2. Why not move to a bigger, more modern (safe from rats)location. There’s no reason why the Press must be on-site, this isn’t 1945, but 2017 and we’re all doing different things now.
    The Trump Press Sec’y can go to the new location for a daily briefing- one person travels vs a packed room where the “cool kids” decide who sits where.
    The WHPC should endorse and embrace this new idea. It’s to their advantage.

    1. That is such a good idea. That will clean up the coke sniffing liberal press.

      4 more days to the end of Obumblers terror attacks on the American people.

      As he would say “we screwed some folks” “now eat your peas”

  3. New lies by the MSM and Hollywood:

    “Hidden Figures” is Almost Entirely a Lie, Filmed and Promoted for One Reason: Erase/Retcon White History in America

    New movie out now. Boycott this LIE !!

  4. He should give them the boot out of the White House proper. The MSM is out to sabotage him at every turn…dropping bombshells before each debate, before his recent press conference, and, I’m sure, something right before his inauguration.

    As srdem noted, a bigger location is long overdue anyway.

  5. I’m reminded of the 1973 movie, “Walking Tall”. As newly elected sheriff, Buford Pusser reassigns county office space. A district court judge’s chambers occupy the courthouse mensroom.

  6. The current White House Press Room has a capacity for 49 people and it is typically far more packed than that. It’s is the same arrangement and room used for the past 70 years and doesn’t account for the far larger and more diversified media we have today. Moving the Press across the street to a room that holds more than 200 makes sense, it would allow for additional foreign and internet media.

    There is no need for only a few big media companies to be literally sitting outside the door to the Communication Director and next to the Oval Office.

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