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Sunday Open Thread || January 14, 2016



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    • Yes,- the Black man fired from his job one second after Trump is sworn in as POTUS- story.
      Another twisted tale of prejudice against an old, rich, White man.

    • WaPo is getting worse by the day. If Woodward had any sense of decency left in him he’d make a big public resignation and call attention to it. He’s the only one left there that could make a big enough splash to at least for a day get the rest of the media to talk about it.
      I’m all for free press and the first amendment but I do believe that if a paper changes even one word of a story on its website it MUST do so with an Editor’s Note telling the reader what was changed from the original version.
      I’m sure the Chicago Daily Tribune would have loved to have had the internet and just erase the “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline but it was in print and instead we have an iconic historical image.
      Web stories should be treated exactly as print. Once it’s posted it’s there, Period.

  1. So, I seem to read regularly about another singer celebrity unwilling or unable to perform at the Inauguration.

    I don’t recall ever hearing anything like this with past inaugurations. My guess is the MSM is making this a story just to show how little respect and support MrT has.

    The mixing of Hollywood and politics never ceases to amaze me. Because they can perform, they are also political experts.

    • Believing that their very opinions are of value to elected officials and the vast majority of Americans, refusing to showcase their talents at a political event is some kind of protest.
      I don’t know what is going on other than they thought the star-struck Obama’s adoration gave them credence or gravitas.
      Wandering at will around the WhiteHouse, getting medals from the President for nothing at all, and seeing their names in the MSM touted as great Americans made them think they know something or …
      Again, I don’t get it. They don’t want to perform at our national inauguration, then don’t. Who cares.
      Same for the sore loser Dems who have announced they won’t be attending the ceremony either. Good grief, we don’t care – we really don’t.

    • At least one or two of them are citing death threats against them if they perform at the inauguration. Who knows what’s true abut this? There must be a massive amount of peer pressure to not perform from their liberal and fascist Hollywood chums. Sort of like “If you ever want to perform in this town again, you’d better toe the anti-Trump line.”

      Weird coven of people, those entertainer types.

    • Good point about the last Sunday.

      And what with all this talk of the fallen WAPO I read something the other day that Bezos has purchased multi million dollar digs in WDC. More involvement in politics?

      And finally re. the celebrities. Surely some of them have received threats because the culture populace is off its rocker. But also, not all who are refusing to participate were even invited. Although what is an inauguration without the blessings of Meryl Streep?

      • If something bad happens to DJT….
        Everyone of these hateful, hate filled individuals will be equally to blame. It will be on their heads and their hands.
        The hateful rhetoric on social media is still ramped up beyond all belief.
        I pray for his safety and for the safety of his friends, family and employees.
        These malicious people are playing with fire.
        And as my mother always said, “When you lay with fire, you’re gonna get burned.”

    • Good stuff, Geoff. Was meandering around various local and national newspapers this morning, and noting how their exorcism of Trump continues in full force. “Ten Reasons Why Trump Will Fail”, “The Mysterious Path which Led To The Trump Presidency”, “Are The Russians Controlling Our Elections?” On and On. Remarkable, bizarre stuff laced all through our corporate media. I remember elections all the way back to Truman (the “Dewey Defeats Truman” fiasco of the Chicago Daily Tribune in 1948–yes, I am really that old ;+}). I have never seen anything in the corporate media like this coordinated pogrom to undermine or nullify a President-elect. Never.

      • I think you nailed it with the “corporate media”. I don’t remember the exact number but I read a while back that I think only 3 or 4 major conglomerates control all the news networks? Makes it a lot easier to push a single narrative when only a few with the same politics are running the show.

      • All this wailing and gnashing of teeth. Guess only the Russians voted for Trump, because the American “media” is hard pressed to find any American Trump voters.

        • My local arm of the Gannett Gang has promised us 4 years of Trump Tracker–how they can spin everything he does as being bad for north Jersey. They fell over themselves this morning trying to avoid using the term illegal about illegal immigrants (deporting them will be bad, bad, bad for the economy, because after all, their presence here costs us nothing!). Bad enough they average 3 anti Trump opinion pieces from WaPoo every day (and it’s not a Gannett mouthpiece). Now this. I start every morning disgusted.

  2. Michelle Obama airs new video:

    It appears very innocuous, makes you want to donate — until you trace the organization and look through it. and check out their “scorecard” for legislators.
    The ranking shows a distinct leaning towards Democrats. All Republicans have low,low scores.

    One of the tabs is labelled “Take Action” and it is based in Washington, D.C.
    They are calling it a “grassroots” movement.