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Saturday Open Thread || January 14, 2017

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  1. Does MrObama and his Dem/MSM supporters have an idea, any clue to how their words and actions are seen out here in flyover country? Apparently not.
    Calling a electorally elected candidate not “legitmate” is a slap at all the voters and demeans our constitutional system that has elected every president since our beginnings.
    MrObama’s actions in the last weeks of his tenure are outrageous and dangerous. The simpleton description of incarcerated drug offenders as “non- violent” is just wrong – ask anyone in Chicago or LosAngeles if drug dealers or users are non-violent offenders.
    His refusal to allow Cuban refugees entry into our country now is just petty and denies the actual conditions they have endured in the brutal environment of Cuban dictatorship.
    Placing millions of acres of open land under the federal ownership is not an American tradition and there’s no legitimate reason to do so. What the end game to this action is not clear and MrObama hasn’t explained why it’s a good thing or necessary.
    With 6 days left in his Presidency, MrObama has made us all uneasy with these actions. What else is he going to do, what other move is he about to take that will make American lives miserable.

    We’re all on alert out here away from the decision makers, something isn’t right.

    • It’s hard to say what else he will try and get away with in his time left in office.

      Srdem, in case you missed this, here is a list of what he has gotten away with in the last eight years.

      His administration is by far the most corrupt we have seen in our lifetimes along with a congress that made half hearted attempts to play their part along the way and then never followed through.

      It has been known for years that he was a construct of the liberal democrat party to push their agenda through no matter what.

      He was never vetted, has fraudulent records and missing records.

      What is maddening to me is to have them running Trump and his nominees over the coals to the extent they are while protecting a known fraud.
      All i’s dotted and t’s crossed for Trump is essential but for Obama, not so much.

      The hypocrisy is staggering.

      Maybe one day we will finally know the truth.

        • I have put that file on many blogs and DeniseVB has put it on Twitter, so it’s out there.

          When you see it listed like that it is almost incomprehensible that he has remained in office for 8 years.

          • Excellent, AFVeT, yes, never vetted, fraudulent and missing records, that´s Obama. His guardians and handlers are probably now in The Deep State, doing all they can to harm Trump.

      • I’m glad you posted this again. (I have saved it in my 0-$hit file).
        The one that gives me the creeps is using humans to experiment on.
        Even if the libs read this, it would be just “a vast right wing conspiracy lie”.
        And their screech goes on.

      • Thanks, AFVet
        This makes for sickening reading, but should be read nevertheless. Now I must gargle.
        And like Swedish Lady says below, I’m truly worried about Mr. Trump’s safety.

    • Yes, srdem, I heard it, some politicians now say straight out that Trump is not “legitimate”.They are unrestrained now. I hope this elections will have consequences for them.Bad consequences.

  2. srdem65. His change in the Cuban policy is leaving many Cubans stranded in Central America. They are people without a country. They can not go back nor can they enter the US. It will put a strain on these countries because they have no way to deport them. Of all those coming to the US the Cubans have adapted to the American way of life better than others.

  3. Ahoy the boat, permission to come aboard?
    Finally got the glitch fixed and receiving updates again when Keith posts. Soooooooo, in other words, Heeeeeeeeeee’s Baaaaaaaaaaack!
    (Yes, yes I know I could just keep checking back via a bookmark,and I should have but with 27 hrs of stuff to cram into a 24 hr day, I need all the help I can get.)

    First the good news: The Capitol architect has determined the cops as pigs “painting” (or as I prefer it, crap on canvas) does not meet House rules and will come down Tuesday after the MLK federal holiday on Monday. (Typical Washington, make a no brainer decision and then take 4 days to implement it.) I thank God every day that Missouri is still just conservative enough in our rural areas that we counter balance the crap coming out of St. Louis and K.C.

    Bad news, Rep. Lewis public statement that Trump is not a legitimate President. It’s bad enough the left wing of the Dem party is now blatantly anti-American but that Chuck Todd didn’t even bother a spirited pushback and the rest of the media will now broadcast this 24/7?

    I knew the win on election night would be just the first battle in a long war against those who would destroy America as founded, but I must admit, I never dreamed they would be going as far as they have in these last few weeks. An honest media wouldn’t allow it, but when the media is on the side of the seditionists? Gear up folks, I’m afraid it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

    First rant of 2017 over. Enjoy your Saturday and know I’m right there with you all counting the minutes till next Friday.

    Vive La WHD!

  4. This is what is happening and what will continue to happen. It is stupid, beyond stupid, for the Republicans to agree to perpetuate this with committee meetings etc. The premise that the Russians affected the elections and helped Trump is false one. They will beat this to death and argue that the Presidency is not legitimate.

    This is outrageous. The media and the Democrats — beyond fake news.

    There are little effective ways to fight back.

    “Local ABC news (Philadelphia) pushing hacking by Russia of the election is fact and helped Trump win
    Posted by: 2017 07:31 AM (yx0Ld)

    Time to blitz that newsroom with phone calls, faxes etc. Nip it in the bud, so to speak. Or at least on Twitter.”

    • Mod jail AGAIN. Getting tiresome. Short version media touting Russians helped Trump win. Presidency not legitimate. We have a problem. And the Republicans are NOT helping.

      • Thanks for the info. I don’t use Twitter.

        It’s so vindictive and insane out there I have seriously limited my online presence or reading. Except here — home.:)

  5. Well, here’s a surprise development:

    “Inauguration Protesters Plan To Destroy Property And Disrupt Balls”

    The only question is: how much money did the Soros Open Society nuts and the Clinton Foundation people spend to fund this “protest”?

    In a world where true Justice existed, George Soros and the Clintons would all be in jail, convicted for a lifetime of corruption. That would be No. 1 on my agenda if I was the new Attorney General.

    • And how much will the taxpayers have to pay extra for security and clean up for vile and possibly violent “protesters” for what has always been a peaceful transition of power?

      This is a direct result of the Clinton and the Obama administrations and their affiliations and promotion of the extreme left.

      • Yep, the useless agitators and hangers-on will leave a mess for others to pick up, as they always do.

        Oh, speaking of agitators and hangers-on–
        look here:

        “Do not go gentle!… Poets strike against Trump on Jan. 15”

        From the story:
        “On Sun., Jan. 15, I will lead, with Michael Rothenberg of One Hundred Thousand Poets For Change, a nationwide strike of citizen-poets: Poets Against Trump. From New York to Los Angeles and New Orleans to Austin, poets will assemble at their respective city halls and other locations to voice their opposition and commitment to struggle.”

        So these poets mean business, let me tell you, and are going to let Trump have it….some time between recitations favoring the Spondee versus the Trochee styles of poetry meters styles (a never ending literary battle, except for this event when they are generously combining forces against the evil Trump). No President elect can withstand that level of poetic intensity and literary master strokes! It’s over for Trump. The poets of America will have won the battle by this time tomorrow! ;+}

    • This is just a desperate attempt to keep Trump from gaining the office because they know that everything that they have worked for for decades will be history.

      The Russians didn’t write Hillary’s e-mails.
      Whatever the mechanism used to expose them did this country a favor.

      The liberal globalists lost to the people that want this nation back and they cannot accept the fact that they are in a minority and their power has been diminished to the point of making them irrelevant.

      What also frustrates them to no end is the fact that they can’t get under Trump’s skin.
      Nothing gets to him, he fights back using their own ignorant statements against them, bypassing the media filter that they had relied on to push their agenda.

      Their weapons are useless against him and they are frantically flailing about while acting like spoiled children.

      Personally, I find it very entertaining.

      • AFVeT, well, I worry a lot about Trumps security but I find it very entertaining too. At last, a guy with stamina, with energy and humour , fond of teasing all these politicrats and journalists. Love his frankness and candour.
        When Georgia Democrat John Lewis whined about the Russian conspiracy etc, Trump tweeted back :” Lewis, focus on your crime infested district instead of complaining about the election.” Love it !