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Obamas’ Dog Bites Visitor

President Obama’s 4-year-old dog Sunny bit an 18-year-old female visiting the White House on Monday, leaving her requiring stitches, the Washington Examiner reported.

TMZ reported the teen was trying to pet and kiss the Portuguese Water Dog when Sunny bit her on the face. The incident left a cut requiring stitches on the visitor’s right cheek.

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  1. The dog clearly thought she was one of Obama’s relatives with a taste for dog chops, and was merely defending herself against a threat to her very life…

  2. Yep dogs bite sometimes…it’s what they do….respectfully switching to topic of Old Joe and the medal of freedom…I sincerely hope the friendship between he and Obama is the real deal… never been a fan of either but it’s nice to see…especially after the Bidens lost their son

  3. Judge, Judge SrDem would rule that the owner of the dog did not have it under their control and were responsible for the damage done by the dog.
    Settled law. Your dog, your responsibility.

      • This will definitely cost more than a few stitches. A dog bite to the face, scar, young girl, there will be a payout, as there should be. Taxpayer money?

        • It was a very small wound on the girl’s cheek, and she’s young enough that it shouldn’t leave much of a scar. The girl should have known better than to get in the dog’s face. On the other hand, tax paying Americans have paid the dog’s handlers very generously to ensure that both dogs are fully socialized and trained.

          • What disturbed me most was the girl’s social media photo selfie she took in the WH doctor’s office. Girl has small bleeding wound–which had to momentarily hurt like the dickens– and Malia smiling and laughing about it! I would have been beyond mortified had it been my dog.

    • The dog bite is good for a Purple Heart, Congressional Medal of Honor, AND the medal of freedom. Maybe even a Nobel Peace Prize (for not biting back). Especially since O has reduced the significance of all of these.

  4. OT: Millions of illegal aliens from Mexico and South American third world countries sneak across our border to enjoy a higher standard of living that American taxpayers provide for them – all with MrObama’s consent.
    A few hundred Cuban refugees escaping from a brutal dictatorship are refused and ordered sent back to their homeland where they would most likely be punished severely for their actions- all because MrObama wants to please the Cuban dictators.
    A week left to his miserable tenure in the WhiteHouse and he punishes Cubans for daring to live among their countrymen who have escaped the horrors and poor living conditions they have endured for 60 or more years.
    Was this payback to the Cuban/American community in Florida for not voting for MrsClinton?

    • Elder members of the Cuban American community have been reliable conservatives for decades. Their offspring is trending liberal. This is a revengeful move to the old guard and a threat to Mexicans and Central Americans to not deviate from the Progressive agenda laid out for them Obama scorched earth policy to the bitter end.

    • Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Obama is petty and vindictive, nothing he does should surprise us. It will get worse as the days wear on.

    • Hahahaha, Grace, I enjoyed it. When she hugged Stevie Wonder ( ? ) I noticed her buttocks. Well, it wasn´t possible not to notice them as she wore a very tight dress. Very inappropriate, in my opinion. Maybe that is why she wears clothes like that zebra shabrack.
      By the way, thank you for DiploMad, excellent reading.

  5. Lets look at the facts:
    Dog bites cute girl on face.
    Girls parents contact lawyer, calling Alan Dershowitz
    Lawyer smells blood in water
    Sues the Obamas, WH security and the owner of said premises, the USA.
    Obamas have a hold harmless clause built into their tenancy contract, get off scot free
    Lawyer settles case put of court with the DOJ to keep it hush hush
    Girl and patents get $1m cool ones.
    Lawyer gets his third
    We get screwed….

    Obamas keep pooch


  6. Just like Obama took a giant bite out of the confidence and prosperity of the American people, how like his mutt to do the same to someone who was just trying to show him some love.