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DOJ to Investigate FBI’s Clinton Email Probe

Watchdogs for the Department of Justice will look into whether “improper considerations” affected the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton emails, including whether ties between department officials and Clinton’s camp precluded an objective assessment of her use of a private email system, the Washington Examiner reported.

Specifically, the Inspector general will look at whether FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe should have recused himself from Clinton-related matters given that his wife, Jill McCabe, received significant campaign contributions from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton ally, during her unsuccessful bid for state senate.

They will also examine whether Clinton perhaps should have been charged for putting classified information at risk.

3 Responses to DOJ to Investigate FBI’s Clinton Email Probe

    • Trump’s DOJ, one would think, for this pursuit of justice will continue for quite some time, it would appear. Looks like Trump might be very interested in forcing the Obama culprits to come out in the sunlight, and be publicly exposed and shamed for their 8-year caper of skulduggery. The level muck in the Washington swamp will soon begin to drop. The third rate buffoons and misfits Obama placed in positions of power should be shaking in their expensive Gucci loafers right about now. There’s soon to be a new sheriff in town.