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Trump: Are we Living in Nazi Germany?

President-elect Trump on Wednesday said an unverified paper published by BuzzFeed that accuses his campaign of working with Russian spies to defeat Hillary Clinton is a “total fabrication,” and said even Russia agrees with him, and then invoked the Third Reich, the Washington Examiner reported.

“Russia just said the unverified report paid for by political opponents is ‘A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FABRICATION, UTTER NONSENSE.’ Very unfair!” Trump tweeted Wednesday.

He later slammed American intelligence officers for allowing the report to leak and invoked Adolf Hitler’s Germany.

13 thoughts on “Trump: Are we Living in Nazi Germany?”

    1. CNN is now hiding in a dark room, licking their wounds and wondering what to do next.
      I happened to be watching the hearings when CNN interrupted with a big ALERT and they were all so serious and pompous and well, wrong.

      I loved the part where he said they all invited to the WhiteHouse to watch as he dismantled the Obama ‘legacy’. lol.
      Oh boy. What a guy!

  1. I just finished watching Trump’s presser.
    It was great.
    He destroyed the MSM’s credibility.
    He especially made it clear that Buzzfeed and CNN ran with a story that was completely false.
    The reporters in that room were still stuck on Russia, and incredibly, one woman wanted him to release his tax returns to prove that he has no ties to Russia.

    Trump had a lawyer there that went point by point the procedure he took to divest himself of control over his company, and that it has been turned over to his sons Eric and Don Jr.

    Worth watching if you get a chance.

    1. Yes, AFVeT, it was great, Trump was great. It was a smart move to have that female lawyer talk about the lengthy legal issues. It probably made the journalists drowsy, they didn´t understand half of it, and it made it difficult for them to ask any questions. They would look like fools. The lawyer could just show them that mountain of documents on the table and say: just read this, it is all in here ! There !

  2. These democrats are stupid, stupid and you can’t fix stupid! Trump was great at the presser, answered questions unruffled, and firm and pleasant. Said all the right things like CNN guy is fake news. This was a exciting presser and a relief not to hear Obama lecturing everyone in that mean, nasty and spiteful way he does that. Also, glad not to hear that he loves the Muslims, we know that and we know that they cut off a lot of American heads, so where is his brains and loyalty, certainly not with the United States of America or the only democracy in the Middle East Isael. Oibama gets off hurting Israel and America, we are finished with him. He thinks he’s the greatest, he said it again today, ha ha, we know the truth. He’s an anti-American, anti-semetic guy who never had a real job in his life and goes around saying he’s the greatest because no one else will say it. Rots of ruck Obama and thanks for nothing. He should thank us for the $90 million vacations every other week, either he’s vacationing or she’s vacationing. What do you expect from the #1 First Welfare Family including the mother-in-law taking all she can get to until the last second of Obama bots presidency. All on our dime, never spends a nickel of his own money, true welfare people. He’s going on vacation one more time on our dime after Jan. 20th with Air Force I taking him there and back and then no more Air Force 1 for him. He sucked everything dry though, in more ways than one.

    1. The liberal Democrats, as they currently present themselves, are committing political suicide. Their close associates in the liberal corporate media are in the process of completing destroying their brand. Neither the liberal Democrats nor the corporate press seems to care about losing the trust of the American people. It’s all very strange.

  3. The real test will be when CNN is not blaring from every gate in every airport in the country…. going to take some time to get rid of all the rodents.

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