As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Hands Keys to Store to Donald Jr., Eric

At the president-elect’s first press conference since his election victory, Sheri Dillon, a tax controversy attorney at Morgan Lewis, said the incoming commander in chief will “completely isolate” himself from management of the Trump Organization and relinquish control of his multibillion-dollar business to his two grown sons and Allen Weisselberg, the company’s current executive vice president,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“I could actually run my business and do government at the same time, [but] I don’t like how that looks,” Trump said Wednesday, noting that he turned down a $2 billion deal with a developer in Dubai just this week.

Dillon said Trump will place his personal holdings in a trust prior to Inauguration Day and appoint an ethics adviser who will ensure he remains in compliance with laws against conflicts of interest.

Trump “will only know of a new deal if he reads of it in the paper or sees it on TV,” she said. Dillon said the president-elect has no intention of selling the Trump Organization or turning it into a public company.

3 Responses to Trump Hands Keys to Store to Donald Jr., Eric

  1. Trump said if the boys don’t do a good job he will fire them!

    So nice to have a President that is not afraid of the liberal press.

    They will be working over time on how to bring him down. Trump does not care about that!

    Obama speaks from many sides of his mouth and says nothing that is true!

    Fake Obama, let hope we hear nothing more from this looser!

    • Oh, von ebb, didn’t 0 repeatedly say he’s not gunna shut up? We won’t be listening.
      I loved Pres Elect Trump’s presser. He doesn’t take any crap from those fake news instigators.
      He’s quick to shut them up when they try to get him rattled.
      :) yay Trump.