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Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 13, 2017

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

15 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 13, 2017”

  1. Earnest:
    MrPreezy, the CIA guy is here with some intel..
    I don’t care. Did you hear that Trump invited the press to witness as he trashed everything I’ve done in the last 8 years? What do I care if the NoKo nutso is planning a nuke strike, serves all those ungrateful voters to have something like that happen and I..
    MrPreezy, please. You can’t keep going on like this.
    Preezy: No way am I going to let that orange haired phony ruin everything. I want you to tell the staff to gather up all the pens in the WhiteHouse and throw them away and put super glue in the telephones.
    Yes sir, right away.

    1. oh no…Obama is really going to have a “behind-the-scenes” temper tantrum (aka; midnight Pardons) before PRESIDENT TRUMP gets there.

      …I am still wondering how the ‘Obama family’ will behave on 20 Jan, Inauguration Day… the Wookie next to the beautiful new FLOTUS :-), Obama snarky side glances at PRES. TRUMP, etc.

          1. Indeed… I am waiting for the “excuses” this “Obama family” will use to avoid/skip any & all ‘Inauguration Ceremonies’…being near PRES. TRUMP etc.

      1. I wasn’t overly impressed with some Republicans either, specifically Rubio questioning Tillison and asking him if he would consider him a “war criminal”.

        Rubio is my Senator and he has a lot of the traits of Cory Booker, making a run for himself and also being petty re. Trump.

        And, as for McCain and this whole Russia thing — he either needs to support the President, or stand aside, or better yet, resign.

        2 cents.

        But, the Democrats for sure win the whiny, petty category.

        1. Spot on, Grace. Booker is my Senator. Before he runs for higher office, someone ought to do a profile of that cesspit he was mayor of–Newark, NJ. He made nothing better. Sound familiar?

          1. Does Booker have “birth certificates” , or proof of “attending college/law school” & proof of having a “job”…
            I never saw any of that ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ and I never saw the MSM or “WH press corps” ever ask-investigate that…

  2. O/T Dare I hope that Trump “will be given” the briefing rather than “Receives it” in future?

    “Receives” sounds like The King is accepting something with a nose sniff; “is given” indicates more of a team spirit, in a way.

    Yes – nitpick.

  3. Will Obama be at the inauguration? Why did he fire DC national guard chief effective at noon Jan. 20 when there will be 1000 guards there to keep order in the face of many threats?

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