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Cruz Wonders Where the Dems were When Obama Politicized DOJ

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, R, speaking during attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing on Tuesday, accused “the Democrats on this committee” of being “silent” when the Obama administration politicized the Department of Justice over the last eight years, according to the Washington Examiner.

“When the Obama Justice Department sent millions of dollars of taxpayer monies to sanctuary cities that were defying federal immigration law, the Democrats on this committee were silent,” Cruz said.

“When the Obama administration refused to enforce federal immigration laws and unilaterally re-wrote this laws, the Democrats on this committee were silent,” he continued. “When the Obama administration released tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens including rapists and murderers into the general population, the Democrats on this committee were silent.”

36 thoughts on “Cruz Wonders Where the Dems were When Obama Politicized DOJ”

  1. Where? In their dens of complicity celebrating the future Dems and a century of Dem control of the government, that’s where they were.
    The illegal aliens will realize one day, just as the Black community will, that the Dems planned on them being the underclass that will depend on the government for all of their needs and never help or assist in any way their climb out of poverty.
    Best laid plans, and so on.

  2. Where were they? Conspiring to fulfill one of Saul Alinsky’s 8 Steps to take over our Constitutional Republic and make a America a Socialist/Communist Regime. Stay aware and alert they and George Soros won’t stop.

    1. I applaud Senator Cruz for standing in session and making these remarks for the record. The Democrats are rarely called out full force for their hypocrisy.

      And, although I did not hear or see or read about it yet, this just makes Cory Booker’s opposition to Sessions, a man with whom he worked on civil rights legislation just a year ago, even more spineless and politicized.

  3. Obama like the N and Out Burger in Chicago tonight…and they will still pack McCormick place to pay homage from a city swirling down the crapper. Damn!!!!

    1. Half the crowd is the WhiteHouse staff and Dem elites.
      They’re trying to be excited, but his speech is too much like every thing he’s every said.

          1. It was all over the TV last night, as several networks carried it.You couldn’t pay me to sit through one of Barry’s self-aggrandizing lectures.

      1. Unfortunately, at the very time Obama was making his speech, I was busy re-organizing my vast “Toothpicks From The World’s Greatest Restaurants” collection. It’s a large collection which needs constant tending and attention and, as you would imagine, constant protection from hungry termites. So, sadly, I missed Herr Obama’s Final Warning and Lecture to the American people.

    2. Friends of mine said their entire families were crying while listening; another said what grace he showed.

      Sometimes I think I live on a different planet.

  4. After an early morning view of the MSM to find out what they think is important, the big news is so insane, so ridiculous that it’s proof the anti-Trump forces have gone over the edge of reason, jumped the shark or fallen for the worst hoax ever.
    The headlines claim Russia has compromising videos of MrTrump. What are these videos, what did MrTrump “do” to allow our intel community to make such a claim?
    The claim is that MrTrump hired two Russian prostitutes to pee or urinate on the same bed that Mr and Mrs Obama slept on during their official visits to Russia.
    Yes. That’s it.

    1. Grace, I watched the Sessions-hearings on CNN when all of a sudden this thing was announced as breaking news by a smugly smiling Wolf Blitzer and an excited Jake Tapper and a couple of others. Well, they try to repackage the Russia threat again and this claim is so hilarious, without sense and evidence, that I guess even Democrats are starting to be sick and tired of it. But it will not fly, these “breaking news” will be forgotten in a couple of days, I am sure. However they will repackage the Russia threat again and again….until the 20th. Trump really needs to drain the intelligence agencies and FBI on Hillary-people. They are totally unbalanced and ruthless. Desperate. But they are losing in credibility every day, and anyone can see that CNN is their mouthpiece. And, talking about credibility, don´t we all remember the claims of WMD in Iraq ? They can really invent stories, these people. And the consequences we all have to suffer.

      1. It’s reached the level of truly bizarre. I don’t even watch. Try CSpan via You Tube if you can for viewing what you are interested in that requires some truth telling.

        I am most concerned that our intelligence agencies have become politically compromised and unreliable.

        1. Grace, it is bizarre.It is so ridiculous. They must be extremely desperate. And yes, serious that the agencies have become what they are now.

      2. Swedish Lady (aside – who writes so well) the media can’t disturb those who are pealing with laughter at their pronouncements. Someone should make book on the next faux news item … there’s $$$ to be made here…

        1. It is true, Nina, that many just laugh at these stories but too many only read headlines and think, where there is smoke there must have been a fire ( a Swedish phrase), and over here, the MSM prints the fake stories but we seldom hear about the corrections.

          1. Sadly, the “corrections” are always buried on a back page of the newspaper, or barely alluded to online or on TV. People only remember, and believe, what they heard first.

        2. It is hysterical! Oh and McCain gave it to the FBI this false report. Isn’t that just why everyone thinks McCain should get the hell out and retire. Quite a long time ago there was a story about McCain chasing a woman around his office so much that she quite and left. Anyone else hear that story? Also, I don’t know if this is true either, but I heard that there was an open mike that McCain was yelling abusively at his wife! Domestic violence stuff with McCain, who knows? But thats what I heard about him. McCain must have a thing for Trump! Him and his Graham guy who act like they go Steady, are all about getting Trump! Too bad, they can never get Trump, he’s too smart for them. Those two, McCain and Graham act like evil stepsisters, don’t they?

        1. Suing for libel or slander is very difficult for public figures in this country. Based on an old libel ruling–New York Times Co. v. Sullivan (1964)–a public figure has to prove there was actual malice intended in the accusations. True malice is very difficult to prove in a court of law, so it’s a high mountain of legal mumbo jumbo to climb.
          So…it’s not likely Trump would win such a case, or if any court would place the case on the docket.

          Here’s the case:

  5. How the Russians interfered in the US election for POTUS –
    Long before MrTrump rode down the escalator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy, the Russians had video taped his actions inside a hotel room with two Russian prostitutes. The video shows MrTrump directing the women to urinate on the bed that the Obamas had slept in during their official visits to Russia.

    Using this video as a threat, the Russians forced MrTrump to run for POTUS.
    His directive from the Politburo was to expose the hypocrisy of all the other Repub candidates or just insult them to the extent they dropped out of the race to tend their fragile egos.
    As MrTrump won primary after primary, the Russians paid Brian T., a 14yr old Jr High student living in Podunk KS, $50 to phish John Podesta to reveal his password on his private email account.
    Using this password, the Russians downloaded every email from Podesta to anyone at all and passed this info on to WikiLeaks for publication.
    When there was no outcry of corruption from the MSM or the general voting public about this revealing information about the Dems, the Russians decided to take drastic steps of spiking MrsClinton’s drinking water with a sleeping powder.
    As she became more and more drowsy during the campaign, the Russians insisted that MrTrump hold huge rallies in multiple states, sometimes on the same day.
    As election day neared, the Russians bribed all of the printers responsible for the general election ballots to put a chemical compound on the box next to MrsClinton’s name that erased any mark put there by a voter. The box next to MrTrump’s name was preprinted with an X or checkmark to help the voters decide what to do.
    Poof! MrTrump wins the election and is now a Russian operative who will supply the Kremlin with the classified daily menus from the WhiteHouse kitchen, and the tally of how many transgendered soldiers will be at the Pentagon.

    This is a hoax, all lies, not true, and not funny.

  6. Yesterday it was asked here on how many times Obama would mention himself in his speech.

    From the Washington Examiner on Presidential farewell address’s.
    Clinton spoke 7 minutes 25 seconds, Reagan 20 minutes 42 seconds, GW Bush, 13 minutes 7 seconds.
    Barry, 51 minutes 10 seconds, more time than the other three combined.
    Of course mentioned himself 75 times.

  7. Marcus.

    Unfortunately I think you missed a toothpick. Better rest up and prepare to reorganize at the next speech. And may I come watch so I don’t have to listen to the speech too?

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