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Sunday Open Thread || January 8, 2016



18 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread || January 8, 2016”

  1. Finally, winter… in suburban NY. But not for long, 50 and rain later this week, but it gave us a break yesterday to catch up on home life, not a bad thing at all.

    Things not to watch this week:
    Golden Globes
    Mrs. Obama interviews
    anything on msnbc

    Hang in there WHDers, the new day is near!

    1. Don’t ever watch Meesh interviews. She’s not going away. Wouldn’t surprise me if she has a lifestyle show in an attempt to out-Oprah Oprah.

  2. Re. the Obama’s farewell bash. The fawning article in The Daily Mail said this.

    The Obamas are believed to have footed the bill for the party themselves.

    I do not begrudge them the normal security and other costs accorded any President. So, I hope their footing the bill is true.

    And some snark — that would account for snacks of chicken and waffles and not full out. And I don’t even mean that. No matter my personal feelings about them, it is over and a farewell party on their own dime is no big deal.

    Link if you are interested.

    1. The Daily Mail is not a supporter of Barry and Mooch. Articles about the “First Family” very often contain cleverly concealed snark. The Brits are masters of the oh-so-polite insult. Reader comments on articles about the Obamas are mostly negative, and often very amusing!

      1. This same sister, Solange I believe the name be, was roughed up by JayZ some time ago in an elevator. IIRC.

        So, yeah, to her Barack Obama would be “your grace”.. Whatevs.

        I am over being fed up with the Obamas and their disdain” of the “folks” and the country but I will never get over entertainment bimbos adoration.

  3. I’ve had it with all the worry and hand-wringing over Putin and Russia. EVERY COUNTRY that possibly can tries to hack into other countries, everyone knows that. The US and Israel hacked into Iran’s nuclear program and dropped the Stuxnet Virus, North Korea hacked Sony, China grabbed 21.5 Million Social Security numbers from the Office of Personnel and Management in 2015. Gucifer and Romanian hackers are notorious for bad behavior. I’m tired of the DNC faulting the Russians for their lack of cyber security. If you know there are thieves in the neighborhood and you leave the front door open and people steal your stuff, who’s fault is it? Even IF Russia hacked the DNC, they didn’t write the juicy stuff that allegedly threw the election, they didn’t DO the things brought to light. Just like the Video that triggered Benghazi, the Democrat Party HAS to find someone at fault other than themselves. Lets hope they continue this charade, it will further the party downfall.

    1. And, of course, there was Hillary Clinton’s cyber buffoonery with her “private” server caper. She may as well have hung a flashing neon sign on the front door in her mansion in Chappaqua. “All Hackers Welcome To My Computer. Free passwords and donuts.”

    2. Rinse Prius (I have given up with his real name) has managed to pull Trump off a little and has him conceding that maybe the Russians did something, but not interfered with the elections.

      I understand the fine line between saying what you think and needing to placate as a politician the Republican elite, but I watch Prius carefully.

      1. Rinse Until Clean Prius reminds me too much of Quintus Servilius Caepio Brutus—as in “Et tu, Brutus?” Trump must never expose his back on this guy. The knives are ready.

  4. I realized why the Dems are so obsessed with Russia.

    Obama is trying hard to give us a Big Enemy that isn’t muslim. “See? It’s not just Islam that’s trying to kill us.”

    I still don’t understand how it is that the muslims have such a hold on him — I suspect it’s massive illegal foreign contribution in 2008.

    1. Or he sympathizes with Muslim cause. His early education was in Muslim schools. Recall his 2011 speech in Cairo which kicked off the “Arab Spring”. Much about Obamas we don’t know. He is also a liar e.g. No record of him having been community organizer in Chi. Only his word.

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