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Obama Schedule || Monday, January 9, 2017

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

30 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, January 9, 2017”

  1. Fiat Chrysler investing $1 billion to build two new manufacturing plants in the USA.
    2,000 jobs expected.
    Men and women in construction business working, materials to build being sold. Building trades at work.
    Win, win, winning.
    10 more days and America Being Made Great Again. 20 January 17, 12:01pm

    1. Yeah Old Timer,10 days left but you can bet Obama will keep committing treason until the very last second!
      He really needs to be stopped from letting the murderers like himself out of guantanamo?(spell). Obama can’t wait to empty the prison of the terrorists. What I don’t understand is that he couldn’t wait to kill Osama Bin Laden AND NOW HE IS LETTING A THOUSAND OSAMA BIN LADEN’S OUT OF PRISON??? When it comes to Obama, you just can’t change stupid. He just does everything to spite America and the American people since day one. I blame Congress for not stopping this skinny ugly nasty, smelly, spiteful MORON from putting Americans in danger. It doesn’t matter that Obama is freeing terrorists that say they want to cut off the heads of Americans? The defense guy in Obama’s pocket has to sign these Islamic animals out of jail to kill us all and if he does that, he is a traitor also as well as Obama and the rest of Obama’s tribe. Obama is so scared now he is building a wall in front of his rented new house in Washington, the coward that he is and always has been.

    1. How insane the Hollywood liberals were last night. They love to have awards to show off.

      Their movies suck now anyways so don’t go to the theater and see how they like that!

      Netflix and Amazon has better stuff. Love to binge watch a entire series.

      Screw the Hollywierd elite.

      1. Merrell Streep, she said that insane low class rant for her friends, the communists. Remember Carrie from Sex and the City, she was sitting right in front drooling and waiting all night for the rant she knew was coming. Carrie, what happened? you looked terrible last night? Like I said, you can’t change stupid

  2. Obama records could be on ice for 12 years. This, plus his refusal to publish school records etc, encourages the question “What does this man have to hide?”. And what about “the most transparent Administration in history?”

    As for Breckenridge , she is just another Huma. Plucked up at an early age, her entire career has been in service to Barack Obama. What happens when he moves or passes on?

    As an aside, since she started as his driver as did some other sycophant whose name I forget who drove a van, maybe driving for Uber is really a career path.

    1. With his “records” on hiatus, hidden, locked up for X number of years, it will be an opportunity for Obama’s hagiographers to create endless biographical tomes, novellas, musical adaptions and a 20-part television series which cannot be properly challenged because Barry’s biographical records are kept under lock and key. All part of the continuing fiction of the Obama phenomenon, one supposes.

      In the meantime, there are many of us who have realized for a long time that Barry Obama is a political contraption, a backroom invention, created to introduce a post-Republic America, to manhandle public opinion in favor of eavesdropping on our private lives, allowing the continuing corruption in the Oval Office. We are to remain silent in the face out outrageous political corruption. We are expected to overlook crooked elections, ignore the theft of fundamental liberties, and agree that all that is now right and proper is wrong, that the State is the master of all aspects of our lives.

      It has been a very dour 8 years with this Obama character, a complete political hoax, strutting in the White House. He is not yet completed his assigned task. And we’re not finished with exposing him, either.

      There is more to come. Much more.

    2. What is it about Obama, that he chooses sycophants from the van pool? Is it because van drivers obediently drive where told to? Weird, like everything else about Obama.

      1. Yes, and also (my theory) they are selected because they are more than willing to report to their masters what Obama is saying candidly in the back seat of the limousine, when he thinks no one is listening. All these corrupt actors are willing to rat out one another if the price is right.

    3. Indeed Grace. Good question. What does this man have to hide ? Maybe Snowden and Assange could help us a little here. But I guess that silence on this topic is their life insurance. But who knows, some hacker may do something about it. We really have the right to know. It is a violation of some fundamental rules that this is allowed to be kept secret.

    1. Just more continuing evidence that “Barry Obama” is a hoax, a sloppy concoction created to, well, do exactly what he has been doing his entire life. He has been a Judas goat from the beginning of his “career”.

        1. That’s an amazing compilation of Obama’s corrupt, criminal behavior as President. Good for you for finding it and distributing it around. It’s Obama’s legacy, no doubt about it. Thanks!

        1. And he was completely correct in saying that. There will be a huge “battle of the biographies” in the coming years. One one side, there will be Obama biographies informing us that the amazing Barry Soetoro is the greatest President who ever sat in the Oval office. One the other side, there will be Obama biographies which will reveal the truth about Obama–his bizarre background, early influences, who took him under their wing, who sponsored him all these years, dirty backroom deals he cut to advance himself politically, his dishonesty, how utterly corrupt he is. Short term, the first type will triumph. Long term, the second type of honest biography will prevail. So we have to be patient.

    2. Where’s the anecdotal evidence that baby Barack tumbled onto Hawaiian soil from his mother’s womb? Where’s the baby pics of baby Barack in his grandparents’ home? the testimony of neighbors that they saw him in his pram or played with him and fought over toys when they were babies, too? That’s what intrigues me. You know if they had such stuff and such testimonies, it would be front and center.

      1. Even his time in Chicago (his late-20s?) is vague and full of BS…such as claiming to be a White Sox fan, but calling their stadium “Cominskey Field” (when it’s actually Comiskey Park), and being unable to name a favorite (or any) player from those days (“Oh, I didn’t have a favorite; I liked them all!”) Even when it came to something as simple as naming a baseball player, he voted present!

      2. There is no such anecdotal evidence. That’s Barry’s problem. No one remembers him in school, no close friends have come forth to tell us they knew him well, no girl friends to tell us what a romantic cad he was, no former bosses telling us what a great employee he was. There are no neighbors telling us of their experience with him. There are no teachers telling us what a great student he was. There are no fellow faculty members at U Chicago telling us what a great contribution he made, no former students telling us anything about Obama as an instructor. His entire biography as peddled by his “supporters” is a complete sham.

        1. I firmly believe that Barry was chosen, groomed, and trained from a very early age to play the role of the first “black” President. He is nothing more than a puppet.

  3. Rumor has it around junior briefer school, that President Obama prefers a printed copy of the morning INTEL briefing printed on toilet paper. To show he is serious about the paperwork reduction act. And to add his level of priority at the moment.

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