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Ryan’s Unexpected House Help: Donald Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan may not be able to control his caucus. But Trump can do for him.

From the Washington Examiner:

Barely a year ago House Republicans begged Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan to lead them after their most conservative wing compelled Ohio’s John Boehner to throw up his hands and walk away from the speakership.

Now it looks as if the man from Janesville needs his one-time nemesis — President-elect Trump — to step in and stop his unruly conference from squandering voters’ goodwill.

Over objections from Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., House Republicans privately voted Monday night to bring an independent ethics watchdog in-house — an office created in the wake of a torrent of ethical and corruption scandals that rocked Capitol Hill from 2006-2008.

Ryan hauled them into an emergency meeting hours later but before he could finish cracking the whip, Trump swooped in via Twitter, criticizing their priorities. Problem solved.

6 thoughts on “Ryan’s Unexpected House Help: Donald Trump”

  1. What can we say about this –
    MrTrump is a leader.

    For a guy who is still two weeks out from getting the keys to the Oval Office, he has shown us (and the world) there will be no prisoners taken, no mercy shown for those who have sinned, and that a Great America is to be respected, and yes, feared.

  2. It would seem President Elect Trump is a career politician’s worst nightmare as he demands exceptional performance and accountability.
    No doubt this is why politicians, on both sides of the aisle, did not want him to win, they might actually have to do their jobs now.

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