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Pelosi: Reporters Served as “Accomplices” for Hacking

The House’s top Democrat goes after the press, thinking journalists should have just sat on the hacking info that was released publicly. I guess she feels the mainstream media needs to be even more helpful to Democrats.

From the Washington Examiner:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said an intelligence briefing for a select group of lawmakers Friday revealed “stunning” information about Russia’s involvement in campaign email hacks last year, and blamed the media for serving as “accomplices” by reporting the information.

But she suggested the information provided to the top bipartisan leaders in the House and Senate, the only ones included in the briefing, would exceed what the public and other members of Congress will ever learn.

“It was really a quite stunning disclosure,” Pelosi said. “It’s stunning in its conclusions and you will see some of it.”

5 Responses to Pelosi: Reporters Served as “Accomplices” for Hacking

  1. I don’t believe any of them – there was no interference by the Russians in this past election.
    I believe our Intel people are trying to put MrTrump at a disadvantage knowing that he will upend their cozy partisan ways.
    There is no evidence that any votes were tainted or refused or erased, no evidence of any overt or covert infiltration of either political party, but only the fact that MrPodesta wasn’t savvy enough to know that everything he wrote was viewed by someone other than the one he intended to inform.
    This is a false flag incident invented by those whose political careers were formed in the Alinsky/progressive schools and propped up by a left wing President and Congress.
    Their intent is not to protect our government or elections, but to corral MrTrump and his appointees.

  2. Half wits like Pelosi are not really angered by the alleged hacking by Russia.
    They’re simply pissed off they were exposed for what most conscious Americans knew they were and now, all the world can see for themselves.
    Their selective outrage is something, isn’t it?

    • Agreed. If Hillary won, the Dems wouldn’t give a crap about any Russian hacking. Obama admitted as much…he saying he didn’t do anything about it back in September because he thought she was going to win.

      Sadly, I don’t trust the Intel community anymore…at least its leadership. There would be no hearings or hand-wringing or a peep from anyone if Hillary had won. Time to move on now.