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Biden Forced to Declare Trump the Winner

This must have hurt. Good, considering all the invective Biden has hurled at Republicans over the years.

From the Washington Examiner:

Vice President Joe Biden on Friday shut down Democratic challenges to the congressional certification of the Electoral College vote, declaring Donald Trump the next president in the final official declaration by the U.S. government.

“It is over,” he said when a third challenge was lodged by a House Democrat, to a rousing cheer from Republicans.

Biden gaveled down similar protests from Reps. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, and Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz. Jackson Lee stood four times to protest, but each time was shut down by Biden.

18 Responses to Biden Forced to Declare Trump the Winner

  1. Us yokels here in flyover country are not amused, nor do we have unlimited patience with the sore losers who keep trying to upset a fair election.
    Some Dems have announced they are going to boycott MrTrump’s inauguration, sure go ahead show your childish tantrum, because we don’t care.
    The MSM is still making noise about every crumb they find at Trump Tower and it’s really getting old and irritating.
    It’s not over, no matter what VPBiden claimed. The Dems will continue to act like spoiled rotten brats and the rest of us will not forget it.
    It’s over when WE say it’s “over”.

    • One of those boycotting the inauguration is Gutierrez and that is fine by me. He has played a major role in this illegal immigration nonsense and has no place there anyway. Let alone in Congress.

    • A lib “friend” (former friend) moved to Costa Rica. He’s pushing for a new election. He didn’t vote, but hates that Trump triumphed.
      They’re so pathetic.
      And toad Raul grijalva. Vomit. They were all so darn smug and pompous over 0’s wins, and look where that jerk took our USA .

  2. On behalf of the people of the Great State of Texas, I’d like to offer our deep apologies for Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas.

    Remember those legends about how rug weavers will put one thread wrong in order to keep it from being perfect, so that they will know to stay humble? Well, I think that must be Sheila Jackson Lee’s purpose. I can’t imagine any other possible reason why no one has bothered to send her home to spend more time with her family after all these years.

  3. I guess we are paying for the party the Obamas are throwing for themselves and their friends at the WH tonight. No press allowed either. Hmmm, we pay, makes it a government event of sorts, and press is denied access. Anyway, I saw this comment at WAPO …..

    5 Americans died today!!!! Many others hurt mentally and physically. They still are getting away from the airport. Did you call the Governor???? No–Trump did. Did you call after Orlando?? No Trump did. Dance. Drink. enjoy!!!! We only have one President at a time. Trump is working, Thanks President Trump for caring.

    As for me, RIP and thoughts and prayers for the injured and loved ones let behind.

    The intel report that is actually accusing Putin himself to have ordered the things and events that led to Trumps victory is number one in our MSM right now.You see, we are infiltrated with Obama think-tanks here as well. It is so ridiculous and shameful, they just repackage the same old assertions with zero evidence. But they are not giving up. There is still 13 days left to smear Trump, to delegitimize his presidency. I hope that he and Putin just ignore it, that they go high when the enemies go low. And then I hope Trump will neutralize and disarm McCain and all these neo-cons in the intelligence agencies. Tell them that we, the people all around the globe, are sick and tired of their wars and aggression all around the world. It has affected us in a very bad way. And, these people, the ones that now accuse Russia, they really know a thing or two about rigging other nations politics. I am glad that at least Biden came to his senses at last.

    • Yes, the Obama people do know a lot about rigging other nations’ politics and elections. We remember Obama made a personal trip to the UK to publicly demand that the Brits remain in the EU, or else they would “be last in line” for trading with the US–an act of political interference which made the citizenry there furious. Talk about interference in a nation’s politics! And then there is Obama’s interference in Netanyahu’s election when Obama sent his operatives to rig the election in Israel to defeat Netanyahu. And then there is Obama’s interference in Canada’s election and politics to destroy PM Harper who supported Israel.

      There have been few more hypocritical and deceiving Presidents than Obama—by any measure and activity one can think of– and that’s a record he’s, no doubt, very proud of, and won’t soon be broken.

  5. Sore.Losers. The Democrats never fail to make an ass out of themselves when they don’t get what they want.
    They have had 8 years of lording it over us. Now they are the Serfs.
    We ALL must act accordingly.