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Republicans Say Attack on Sessions will Cost Democrats

The Democrats are going to try to destroy Sen. Jeff Sessions, whom they work with every day, over charges that are more that 30 years old. Republicans say there will be a price to pay.

From the Washington Examiner:

Republican senators are warning Democrats that their efforts to resurrect racism charges against Sen. Jeff Sessions’ nomination for attorney general won’t derail his confirmation and will only serve to poison the well for future bipartisanship early this Congress.

Since Sessions’ nomination, Democrats and liberal civil rights groups have reiterated racism charges from 1986 that sunk the Alabama senator’s appointment to a federal judgeship by President Reagan. Sessions’ supporters and those who believe some of the charges are overblown have spoken out on his behalf in recent weeks in an attempt to debunk the 30-year-old claims.

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., who calls Sessions a friend of 18 years even though he doesn’t agree with all of his policy positions, has said Democrats’ decision to re-level charges of racism against the Alabama senator could poison the well for any chance of cross-party cooperation this year.

12 Responses to Republicans Say Attack on Sessions will Cost Democrats

  1. Racism. That old worn out word that can only be applied to white people. Blacks can torture a disabled young (white!) man in Chicago in 2017 and put it on Facebook but heaven help a white guy who said something questionable decades ago. Bull crap

  2. So much for looking Foreward (“over the cliff, lemmings!!!”) Of course, if they’re looking forward they’re seeing a bunch of filthy animals torturing a mentally handicapped young man.

  3. Unless “the charges” are murder or treason, then after 30 years, the statute of limitations has long run out. Sorry!

    I’m fairly certain that EVERYONE that engages in this madness will NOT be treated well by the new administration!

    There is a LIST, and smart congress critters will NOT want to be on it!!!

  4. There isn’t a Democrat in that Congress that measures up to Jeff Sessions as a person of integrity and value. That goes double for that dumb a** Black Caucus which should be disbanded anyway.

    How about a White Caucus — blah blah blah.

  5. Just a thought — Anybody know where all those Obama Czars are? Or what they have been up to these past 8 years — besides paychecks and perks?

  6. OT — about Trump winning the election seemingly against all odds.

    For Aileen in particular, but not exclusively. This is a portion of a reader comment I saw on another blog that has merit I think.
    “It’s nothing short of a miracle that Trump won that election. A very
    good friend of mine who’s older and very religious told me that every
    miracle needs spiritual backing, and he thinks the souls of 43 million
    unborn children had something to do with it. A sobering thought.”

  7. Two Black men and two Black women from Chicago have put the BLM and all the racial social justice supporters out of business.
    By publicizing their torture of a White, mentally challenged man, they have announced that racism is a two-way street, and exposed their belief that their crime would be applauded by others, and ignored by the criminal justice system.
    Nothing SenSessions could have said, could have implied 30 years ago would even be on any level to the anti-White racism prevalent in most cities today.
    The Congressional Black Congress that is so quick to condemn any White for any comment should publically apologize for what happened to the White man in Chicago.

      • I don’t know about that, but I do know it is past time to start a citizen counterterror movement. A few rent-a-mobs running into armed resistance, and not even Soros himself could afford that much insurance.

  8. My mother used to say “you will cut off your nose to spite your face.” That is exactly what the Democrats are doing and will continue to do.
    They are Sore Losers and they are collectively stupid. They have sown a sour field, and they will reap a bitter harvest.