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White House: Obama Plans to Mostly Keep Quiet

I think he’s done. He’ll make sanctimonious comments and lecture a little hear and there, but he mostly wants to play golf and write a book.

From the Washington Examiner:

Despite publicly condemning Republicans at nearly every turn during the course of his eight years in office, Obama is hoping to play a more behind-the-scenes role in Democratic circles following his departure on Jan. 20, White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters at the daily briefing.

“He still has a lot of ambition and a lot that he wants do. Most of it, he hopes to do behind the scenes in terms of staying true to his roots as a community organizer,” Earnest said. “He wants to make sure that people who aspire to public office can get trained in the fundamentals of community organizing, [and he] wants to make sure that young people around the world are exposed to the values and norms and traditions of the United States.”

“The president does not envision routine regular engagement on these issues publicly,” Earnest said.

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  1. He’s got a long to do list?! Since when?

    Mr0 “wants to make sure that young people around the world are exposed to the values and norms and traditions of the United States.” What does he know about American values, norms, and traditions?

    • What he means is women wearing muslim containers at work and children being allowed to choose their gender, that sort of stuff. Also, solar panels that lose money, big government debt, food stamp cards that can be used to buy lap dances. You know, all that stuff he helped introduce. Also, citizens being killed freely by criminals like in Chicago.

  2. “Values, norms etc of the United States”?; does he mean the secular progressive, islamo-socialist, mentally deranged “norms” of the democrat party? Hold on a sec, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Seriously though, this man can and will never stop flapping his gums; he and his wife just will not be able to run their alternative government in their alternative universe…created by hollywood and the media. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND ALL THE BEST TO THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE WHO POST ON THIS SITE!!!!

  3. I’m wondering if Obama’s going to pardon Bowe Bergdahl before leaving office. That might be his last great act of defiance.

    There were whiny “Poor Bowe” articles in the November 14, 2016 Washington Post and the December 2, 2016 New York Times.

    • Pardoning Bergdahl would be an act of defiance, but I see him trying to get Philadelphia cop killer Wesley Cook released.
      That would be his ultimate F U to law abiding white America and police in general.

    • I’m concerned that he will pardon himself as well as Hilly and Bill. I think the country needs to see their crimes brought to light.

      • Pretty sure there will be the Day of Pardons. The worst of the worst will be on that list. It will be long. Let’s hope he doesn’t pardon all the illegals held in American jails.

  4. If this is true, then something happened to shake him to the bottom of his shoes. Could have been the red/blue maps of the USA, the figures showing how few Dems have managed to hold on to elected positions throughout the country, the brutal violence of his hometown-Chicago, or just some straight talk from other pols who need him to sit down, be quiet, and let us try to salvage something.
    Maybe he finally understands that his “pen and phone” governing was an illusion that will disappear as fast as MrTrump’s eraser could move across the paper.
    Could he be watching MrTrump talk to business leaders who agree to keep American jobs right here and wonder why no one suggested he could do that, too.

    Whatever happened, assuming he is telling the truth, it’s a good thing to retreat into retirement and STFU.

    • Another possibility exists – in the long meeting with President – Elect Trump, Mr. Trump may have offered some sage advise – Obama, keep your mouth shut and stay away from the television cameras OR I will unseal your college transcripts, passport applications, maybe your REAL birth certificate!!!

    • When most of us think of our “community” it encompasses our whole neighborhood or town. To MrObama’s mind, the community is a special group – the Black community, the gay community, the immigrant community, the unfocused community and so on.
      There are groups of guilt-ridden who make money grants to these “organizers” in the hope that a few marches or a voter registration drive is all that happens.
      As for the soon to be former President, who knows what “community” he plans to organize now – the B-list Hollywood actors, or the up and coming rappers, or the ever growing list of defeated or unelected Dems.

    • Of course, that’s the only thing he knows.
      In it, he will remind us all of the great accomplishments he was able bestow on our nation.

      It will be a complete lie from cover to cover.

  5. “He’ll make sanctimonious comments and lecture a little hear and there, but he mostly wants to play golf and write a book.”
    From your lips to God’s ear.

  6. I’m calling bull$#*t on this. How many times has Obummer or his lackeys said his intentions or plans were one thing when his real agenda was the exact opposite? It started from the beginning with the declaration that his would be the most transparent administration ever, and the lies and deception have never ended.

    This loser community agitator has far too big of an ego to ever go away quietly and STHU. I predict that he will go from the Narcissist-in-Chief to a tweeting pain in the butt. For all the lamestream media’s hysteria about Trump’s tweets, watch them encourage and applaud when Obummer constantly tweets his criticism of whatever Trump is doing. And, I predict he will pen some opEds and still do interviews, even the dopey late night shows. He can’t help himself. He will not be able to go away quietly and step out of the picture.

    • “How many times has Obummer or his lackeys said his intentions or plans were one thing when his real agenda was the exact opposite?”

      By my loose count, 100 percent of the time.

  7. ” ….terms of staying true to his roots as a community organizer,” Earnest said.”

    Subverting American government in every way that he can without a thought about the consequences for the future operating of our nation.

  8. The top headline on Drudge right now:


    It links to this article:

    Moving truck spotted outside White House

    A moving truck was seen on Wednesday parked outside the White House, where President Obama will live and work for just two more weeks.

    The truck was parked on West Executive Avenue, a street inside the White House gates and situated in-between the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and the West Wing.

    A photo of the truck was tweeted by CNN White House reporter Michelle Kosinski.

    The large Moving Masters, Inc. white truck has blue lettering on its side saying: “It’s your move, call the masters.”


    Uh oh, is that racist? You can bet if that was the name and slogan of the movers Trump hired the liberal weenies would be screeching about it.

    Click the link above to see the tweeted pic.

  9. This is a running argument between me and my husband. I say a bong and a golf club…he says the ever present narcissist will not go away….we shall see what matters most to Barry.

  10. “…make sure that young people around the world are exposed to the values and norms and traditions of the United States.”
    In real world speak, he plans to travel a “bunch” all over the world and lecture young people (how young you might ask) a “bunch” in addition to smokin’ and snortin’ and bein’ cool and in general, continue to bull-sh!t his way through the remainder of his life.
    And stir up sh!t whenever and where ever he can.
    Of course this is all just speculation on my part. But I did just read that he and his wife are about to receive 40 million for their forthcoming books. Who will write those mighty tomes of (dis) information?
    Yes, I have become a cynic in my old age.
    And yes, if you have seen one of these politicians, you’ve seen them all…so I am not particularly a genius in figuring out what he will do.
    Been there and got the darn t-shirt.

  11. I don’t know if any of you saw that thirty-minute video of a quartet of Chicago pavement apes (it’s an accurate description) scalping a special-needs Trump supporter, and forcing him to drink toilet water, among many other abuses. That is Obama’s America, his legacy.

    So once Trump unleashes the American economy, and the new American Renaissance begins, Obama will, at long last, be reduced in the public eye to the inconsequential, narcissistic loudmouth we have always known him to be.

    So he’d BETTER keep his trap shut. The more he kvetches, the more of a fool he will be seen as. Not even MSDNC will be able to spin the difference between the Obama and Trump eras out on Main Street and Elm Street in Anytown, USA.

  12. Obama cannot lead. His nature is more of a meddler. I think we’ll see a lot of him meddling away until he dies of old age.

    Sadly, I am much older than him, so will have to endure his image and words for the rest of my life.

  13. Watch for him and Michelle to set up a “charity foundation” modeled after the Clinton Global Initiative. Too bad he won’t have to release his tax returns any more, because he’ll be certain to continue taking an ever-growing “Foreign Tax Credit” to offset any US income or SE taxes he may owe.

  14. this narcissist can’t help himself..he has to be visibly viable…he won’t be just behind the scenes….I hope it fries him to see what trump does to his so called legacy….