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Conservatives to propose Obamacare replacement

The Republican Study Committee, led by Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina, is proposing to replace President Obama’s healthcare law with a system where people can get tax deductions to help buy coverage on their own instead of through an employer, the Washington Examiner reports.

The plan, dubbed The American Health Care Reform Act, closely mirrors one the RSC already proposed back in June 2015, long before the prospect of repealing big parts of the law materialized with President-elect Donald Trump’s victory. It also calls for block-granting Medicaid, expanding the use of health savings accounts and allowing insurance to be sold across state lines.

13 Responses to Conservatives to propose Obamacare replacement

  1. 36 years in the insurance biz, still cannot figure out how to make this thing work…but I can offer the follow steps that should grease the wheels a wee bit:

    Allow cross state policies, and sales.
    Block grant Medicaid per state, like an allowance.
    Create tax incentives for individuals to buy healthcare.
    Keep the prior conditions coverage intact.
    Keep coverage for kids up to age 26.
    Open up Medicare to younger, WORKING folks.

    These area all steps, incomplete as there are, but should help to get us back on track.

    PS. All ER visits by non registered aliens should be fast track reported to ICE for review. Stop the free healthcare for illegals at hospitals that cost us all big bucks eventually. Let them buy insurance or go to private care facilities, like us.


    • We don’t. Whatever problems with our old healthcare system could have been easily addressed without turning the whole thing upside down. Typical Libs…treat a broken toe by cutting off the entire foot!

      • SO true. The progressives sought more power for the feds, more control over our previous, personal choices. And lied to us about almost ALL that the obamacare failure has turned out to be. :-(

        Now all we hear is we’re going to make American’s SICK. Schumer can be so hysterically funny at times.

  2. The Dems are out there lying as usual this morning.

    Awful sign: Make America sick again.

    They are deplorable and its sick to lie to our face , they just can’t stop.

  3. The government could take the 1/2 billion they give to Planned Parenthood and give it to public health. Send those using the ER as a family doctor to public health clinics to take the pressure off the ERs. Too many are using the ER for non emergency situations such as infant ear aches or a fever. ERs are for auto accidents, etc.

  4. It seems to me that that health savings accounts coupled with catastrophic coverage would satisfy the health insurance needs of 80 to 90 percent of the population. Along with sales across state lines, posted medical charges/rates and competition would bring down costs in short order.