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Republicans Fold on Ethics Change

So stupid. They gave Democrats an issue and screwed up the optics of their first day.

From the Washington Examiner:

House Republicans on Tuesday beat a hasty retreat from their effort to weaken a congressional watchdog agency, just minutes before the must-pass resolution was set to get a vote.

Both House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., tried to convince GOP lawmakers Monday night not to advance a provision that would weaken the Office of Congressional Ethics by limiting its public disclosures and forcing it to operate under the jurisdiction of the official House Ethics Committee, which is run by lawmakers. Most Republicans ignored that warning and approved the change Monday night.

But by Tuesday morning, several Democrats were criticizing the move, along with President-elect Trump, who weighed in on Twitter against the move. And at least one Republican said he wouldn’t support the change on the House floor.

8 Responses to Republicans Fold on Ethics Change

  1. What better example of the Repub elites trying to pull defeat from …
    And they wonder how MrTrump won over the best they had to offer the voters.
    MrTrump will have his agenda full of idiot Repubs and unhappy Dems to contend with.

  2. If “Republicans” had any real “ethics” (or Guts-Balls) back in 2008 to challenge or question this ‘first black President’ with no background (birth-life-college-work records) aka; ‘Barack Hussein Obama’…

    Then maybe the “Republicans would not fold on ethics charges”…