As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Open Thread || Monday, January 2, 2017



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24 Responses to Open Thread || Monday, January 2, 2017

  1. 17 Days left of Obama hopelessness !!

    Please leave you no class POS !!!

    You have a legacy that leaves a bad taste and smell behind !

    • I saw that too.

      Seriously, ego and ass hattery aside, why is he doing this? Most Americans are not into the tiny details and probably are unaware. Any conservative and/or Republican knows its desperate and typical Obama. The Democrat Party is split — the progleft and the extreme Left — and this isn’t realistic enough to be helping them. Truthfully I do not know why he is doing this.

      Maybe its his scorched earth retreat — no idea.

      • Obama is doing this because his political agenda LOST! He is pi$$ed off, and given that no one has ever stopped his previous temper tantrums, this is what he does.

  2. New Year’s Eve party at Mar a Lago:
    The MSM had to be so disappointed that the A,B, or C celebrity listers weren’t in attendance.
    What I saw was the big money, movers and shakers who make our country run, dressed to the ‘nines’ and thrilled to be there with the PresElect and MrsTrump.
    The nasty MSM tried to make an issue out of the $500 ticket to enjoy the festivities, but it wasn’t a Trump party, but the club’s party and tickets are always sold for this event.

    I’m so tired of the picky, snide hits on the soon to be President already.
    When they don’t have any news, they make up scenarios of troubles or issues that only they see in the future.

    • We are going to be reading these snide picky little bits for the next 4 years.

      Obama’s lavish vacations, spending etc. nada.

      Melania Trump looked very elegant.

      • How about Michelle’s lavish vacations?
        Gov’t Records: Michelle Obama’s Vacation in Spain Cost Taxpayers at Least $467,585. That was a four-day jaunt between April 4-10 in 2010. He was hardly in office.
        Yet, she continues as one of the most beloved first ladies ever.
        The lefties just love her!

        • That shows how stupid government educated voters are.
          They obviously can’t see her if they say she’s classy and (spit) beautiful.

        • The Lefties love her? The new socialist/communist party of America love anything but America, Americans and white people, thanks to Obama and wife. Real scary Obama, he is absolutely insane now.

  3. Picture somewhere on Drudge, sitting on Resolution desk in Oval. So far, I have seen him sit ON the desk, put his feet ON the desk. Never seen a snap of him sitting in a chair , behind the desk, working.

  4. Exactly how many UHauls are we talking about here? Let’s see….Barry has lots of golf shoes. Mom jeans and bongs…Mooch has…well a whole lot of fabric covering that frame….Damn I forgot the wigs….geesh… better get an 18 wheeler. Now!

  5. Tidbits – the Drudge photo of Rahm Emannual … he doesn’t look very lionlike there. I understand that “Rham” translates as lion?

    In 2010 Bill Clinton “officiated” at the wedding of Carlos Danger and Huma Abedin at the Oheka Castle, Long Island. Didn’t hear anything about this, did we, during the recent headlines… Tried to find out if or when Clinton had become an ordained minister and nada.

  6. This is a really good article in Forbes about the WAPO fake news story about Russian hacking of our power grid, and the paucity of fact checking before releasing a story.

    It’s worth the read imo. Also makes the point that trust has replaced fact checking and in this case the info came from the government and as such was taken on trust as fact without even bothering to check with the local Vermont entity where the breach supposedly had taken place.

    Read it and think about how much information and news is disseminated because the government leaked something to the media, who took it as fact, and spread it without retraction.

  7. John Kerry’s participation in American politics and government has always always offended me. He is a traitor and I am happy to see him go. The first sentence of this article is fitting. The link is to a good article on Kerry.

    “Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech that slammed Israel with false statements was a fitting end to a career that was launched by slandering a generation of American soldiers with false allegations of widespread war crimes.”