As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, January 3, 3016

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

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16 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, January 3, 3016

    Assamge: The Obama administration is trying to delegitimize Trump.
    Yes, that is obvious. Obama is spending his last days doing this.Treacherous. Shame on you, Obama. And when he leaves, the US is involved in more wars than when he was elected as the great Peace Orator. His speeches and behaviour in those days confused the naive Norwegian Nobel committe. And, of course, they were dazzled by the colour of his skin. But I guess, that was the general idea with the Obama presidency. To blind people and make them shut up.

    • Barry will never go quietly. He plans to operate a “shadow government” in order to undermine President Trump at every opportunity. In Barry’s little mind, he still believes he would have won a third term, had he run. He will be a thorn in the side of America until the day he dies.

      • Yes, he plans to stay in Washington, so a “shadow government” is very likely. But how many will still listen ? Trump will probably “castrate” the MSM.

    • SL, my opinion for some time now, is that Obama is a high functioning political sociopath. Among the skills those types of personalities often have is to convince others that they are sophisticated, have only other peoples’ interests in mind, are high-minded. When they are trying to manipulate others, which is virtually all the time, they present themselves as smooth talkers, and can be convincing to some. However, those who have been their victims have learned that these types are compulsive liars and can do great damage to other people or social/political institutions. Interestingly, when criticized for their behavior or decisions, these types are quickly filled with outrage, and blame others for what went wrong, and display strong, clear evidence of paranoia. We see this very often in Obama’s behavior.

  2. Briefer to boss…” What should I say to potus today?” Boss to briefer…” you know the usual, tell him he is wonderful!” ” doing a great job!” and “keep it light and fluffy!” ” other than that… talk about golf?”

  3. Two opinion pieces from today’s Wash Post:
    One asks if Trump’s WhiteHouse will have computers, the other is written by a TV personality of MSNBC, Joe Scarborough, who feels it’s necessary to defend the fact he was seen talking to PresElectTrump.

    A decade of rigid PC and a punishing MSM has resulted in bizarre attacks on our fellow citizens and made formerly intelligent newspeople ask ridiculous questions or propose that things will happen without any basis in fact.

    As for “morning Joe”- he was responding to an accusation he was “partying” with MrTrump on New Year’s Eve at the Trump resort. Imagine that, feeling the need to defend attending a NYE gala where the PresElect is present! IMO, his response to this should have been “so what?”, but the fear of isolation from the PC circle is too strong.

    Will the WhiteHouse have computers – is so stupid a question that there’s no rational explanation for printing it. This seems to be a MSM head explosion after MrTrump made a throwaway comment that computers aren’t safe from hacking and a paper communication is safer.
    Good grief, the WashPost is in full blown DTD -Donald Trump Derangement.

    • Yes, WP has lost all credibility. When will they try another hit piece on Russia ? The last one ( hacking of nuclear plants ) disappeared in flames. No evidence. As usual.