As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a very happy New Year.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are wrong, as they have been for eight years. For millions of Americans, hope has been renewed, not dashed. Let’s pray for our new president, and hope that he will be able put this country back on the right path.

And I hope your paths this year will be good ones too.


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    • Obamas leaving as a part time president to a full time pretend president.
      Only the fawning media and Obamas worshippers will care what he has to say.
      The rest of America will be MAGA.

      • What gets to me and makes me feel crazy is thatObama is all hysterical about Putin hacking us? Fine, but Obama has hacked Merkel in Germany and she found out about it and Obama had to apologize to her, thats number 1. The biggest hacker is Obama not Putin? Putin never hacked, he may have read some stuff that was sent to him!hSecond, Obama tried to rig Israel’s election and went so far as to send operatives to Israel and Obama put his hands into the kitty of taxpayer money to do the hacking and spying of Israel? So why does Obama feels he has a right to all of a sudden, because the dems stupid crooked Hillary Clinton lost? If Hillary C had done he would never be crazed and hysterical about it as he is now, throwing Russians out of America? Also, John McCain who still feels a hatred toward Trump because McCain is no hero, runs to the media about Putin, calling Putin a thug and a murderer Putin and his partner in crime Obama leaving is the end of an agonizing presidency that he designed to hurt America and Israel. Kerry is a horror to look at, gave a horror speech,all anti-Israel? It made no sense that our one democratic state surrounded by blood thirsty terrorists, gets a horror speech in the name of the USA? Get the f out of our government, O, Kerry, McCain, and so many others who are still sticking it to Trump?? for what reason?

  1. Just the fact that Obumbler will not be able to piss us off every day is going to be a vast improvement in our life’s.

    8 years of misery gone!!!!

  2. Thanks for the forum Keith!

    Happy New Year to all that use this site to share their thoughts and information.
    The coming year hopefully will be what we have been waiting for for a long time.

  3. Happy New Year to Keith and everyone else here! And special thanks to those who kept my spirits up during the campaign…I didn’t have as much faith as many of you did!

  4. Oh, what a year, 2016. What fun we had, better than anything we’ve seen before.
    Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.
    Happy New Year to all.

  5. Two very unusual things happened in 2016 in the USA.

    The CUBS won and a non politician named Donald J Trump won.

    We’re going to win so much in 2017 that we will get sick of winning. LOL

    Happy New Year everyone!!

  6. Just rambling thoughts here:
    The MSM and the political elites can’t agree on why she lost and why he won.
    Would it have made a difference in the vote count if Hillary had visited the Blue Wall states…not really. The voters had already decided to change or upset the current trend of political waves they didn’t agree with, so it was Trump or nobody.
    The Podesta emails were enlightening, but was anyone surprised that the Dems were so conniving, so corrupt, and willing to go to any lengths to, not really.
    Why did the voters go for MrObama, then four years later go for the ‘anti-Obama”?
    Was it because they couldn’t vote for MrRomney no matter what, or did they believe Obama would really do what he
    If there was a final straw that turned Obama voters away, was it the transgender issue, the collapse of Obamacare, the fear of terrorists attacks, the swarm of illegal aliens or all of them in one basket – or was it the basket of deplorables?

    • The debate where Trump told Clinton that he didn’t believe in late term abortion where the baby is fully formed and ready to come out and be born and that he didn’t believe in that killing of a baby when it was ready to be born. I will never forget how Clinton answered that question. She just repeated two or three times that she was only worried about the mother’s health and never commented on the baby’s life. It showed me how much more of an intelligent and compassionate person Trump is than Clinton who believes that any kind of abortion at any time is okay with her, her lack of feeling about that issue astounded me. She has no compassion, no caring at all for a helpless infant about to be born.

  7. Happy New Year Keith. Thanks for all you do. So often this place was a haven for this deplorable. A rare find on the internet.

    And Happy New Year to all you WHDers you offered and shared so much during this “Time of Trouble”.

    Happy New Year President Trump.

    Happy New America. Free at last!

  8. It was a wonderful year at WHD, if I may be so bold, good friends, and great comments which I must confess I used pieces to buttress up some of my arguments.
    So, thanks Keith for providing our safe space.
    20JAN17 @ 12:01 America will be on its way to healing and being Made Great Again.

  9. I don’t have a pertinent comment about politics and Presidents. May God be with us as we find our way back to the “old paths” in this new year.
    I do have a sweet memory to share.
    When I was a child, we lived just around the corner from my maternal grandmother.
    We called her Grandma.
    She was widowed at a very young age…and with a young child still at home.
    She moved the two of them to town, got a job at the local dry cleaners and then the shoe factory and made her way.
    All by herself and on her own. Bought a house and a car and grew magnificent roses and kept Cokes in her fridge and loved us and we loved her.
    My cousin and I spent many a night at her home on the weekends. At Grandma’s, if “we could dream it, we could do it.”
    On New Years Eve, she would let the two of us choose a pot and a pan. At the stroke of midnight, we would go out on her front porch and bang the heck out of those pots and pans and yell “Happy New Year!”
    If you take a moment of silence tonight, maybe you can hear those two kids – or others like them. Two kids whose Grandmother loved them enough to let them gleefully make a lot of noise to welcome the new year.
    Happy New Year!
    I hear that happiness. I feel that happiness and I hope all of you do, too.

  10. I think we may have to say a prayer for the obamas, too. I pray that they settle into their new life quietly. Trump, his cabinet, our elected officials, and the people do not need, nor do they deserve, any more roadblocks. We have a future to contend with and will require our full attention.

  11. Thanks for everything Keith, and Happy New Year to you and yours and all of the intelligent and fun people posting on this site over the years.
    Yes, still pinching myself about the election and have nothing but enthusiasm good wishes for Mr Trump and our nation.
    What a relief!

    • There are going to many great moments in the Trump Presidency, but I look forward to President Trump receive a Marine hand salute and he returns a snappy one.
      Returned with true respect, not like the phony ones by Obama, who couldn’t care less about our Military.

  12. Happy New Year, Keith, and all of you great people who post here. I go here frequently to get an “American education”, to know and learn how you all think and reason. I am so grateful for this forum and happy to be included among you. And what a wonderful and interesting year this will be, at last, new leadership in the White House.Cheers !

    • Thank You Keith so much for White House Dossier, I believe sharing our thoughts has helped Donald J. Trump too. Some of the things he has said during his campaign and the e-mails that I have received from Trump, etc. lead me to believe that he has read a lot of our thoughts and feelings about him and Obama on this site, I hope so. Happy New Year everyone who comments here,Keith’s writings are so brilliant and the comments here are so deep, funny and clever about all that is going on. Let us also pray for Donald Trump, he needs our prayers and our hopes and dreams more than ever. I do hope that he can keep all his promises to us, the wall, etc. a very exciting time for all of the country, no matter what insignificant comments and lies his enemies still spout against him on CNN, MSNBC, Channel 4, 7, 2 and even Fox sometimes. Thank you again and Happy New Year!!!

  13. January 1, 2017. 20 days and counting.

    Good morning. Over at the place where Keith gets paid more than he does here, there is a short, good article about The art of getting to know Trump by Salena Zito, referencing excerpts from The Art of the Deal. That book is one of the reasons I was comfortable with DJT.

    Anyway, I don’t know the protocol of mentioning articles Examiner, so no link. Easy to find.

    • Melania is so beautiful, we will have a real gorgeous First Lady! I did love Jackie Kennedy’s looks when she was First Lady too! I don’t remember her too much but love looking at Jackie’s pictures, looking at her outfits, her jewelry and President Kennedy and her young children’s pictures. Melania will also be such a delight in the White House for all to behold.