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Obama Going After Pizza!

Not going out for pizza. Going after pizza.

According to the Washington Examiner.

The Environmental Protection Agency is targeting a key ingredient for making pizza and bread in its latest last-minute regulation before President Obama steps down,

The proposed regulation published Wednesday would make the emissions standards for industrial yeast makers much more strict.

The EPA said beer, champagne and wine makers, all of whom use some form of yeast, are safe for now. The real targets are those who produce high levels of hazardous air pollutants. It’s not the bread, bagel and pizza makers who are targeted under the rules, but the less than a dozen big plants that produce the yeast needed to produce the valuable bread-based products.

Please make it stop. 21 days left. BTW, don’t tell him what they use to make apple pie.

28 thoughts on “Obama Going After Pizza!”

    1. He seems to have a mindset like all those Third World dictators who believe the power and the glory belong to them personally, for them to use and abuse. Maybe he is secretly dreaming of being Mugabe, soon 90 and still president….

      1. as volcano’s around the world spew more pollutants in the air than we could every make up for.

        A really big one could send us into the dark ages.

        Make the crazy Muslim mulatto gay guy go away….Please he is nuts!

        1. This, according to the International Business Times:
          “Obama To Leave Office Amid Strong Approval Ratings”.
          Why then, did Hillary lose(well, lots of reasons)? He could have had his third term. Is the IBT delirious?
          Overwhelmingly, this country voted for change, We were clearly headed down the wrong path with eight years of total incompetence.

    2. No, not his mind. Obama is just being his normal self: A JERK! He’s mad that he lost and is taking it out on everyone of us.

      The same people who scream murder about the possibility of Trump denying them abortions, remain silent. The fact that Obama has inserted Uncle Sam into every body part and into every facet of our lives and yet, NOT A PEEP!

  1. Yet even more damaging EPA regulations – thanks again obama. grrrr. On just the fed level alone, would be a great way to trim $8.6 BILLION off our yearly fed budget. It’s a gov agency that is not accountable to we the people whice has major power over our individual daily lives and choices plus it costs to our economy has been estimated to be: “Complying with EPA regulations costs the U.S. economy $353 billion per year – more than 30 times its budget – according to the best available estimate.” More at:

    Return this agency’s power to the individual states where it should be.

  2. Can We The People pass a regulation requiring Obama to shut up, give his pen and phone to the Secret Service, and take away AF1 until Jan 20, 2017? Meanwhile, give him a shiny toy to play with, or send Reggie Love to see him, or send him some really good pot to smoke, or create some other distraction to keep him harmlessly occupied for the next few days.

    We’re almost there, folks. We can do this. After eight years of Obama’s destructive nonsense, we can last another three weeks. Let’s give ourselves a medal, or a ribbon or whatever they give out these days for participation in something. ;+}

  3. Obama is like the fired employee who destroys as much as he can before exiting the building. What a lowdown, good for nothing mongrel he is.

  4. How we handled these problems back on the farm. In the days before indoor plumbing, when the privy became full, we’d dig a fresh hole about 8 feet deep and move the outhouse over to the new location. Do any necessary repairs, like hinges on the door, sand the splinters off the seats. So there you have it. How to make things fresh, so we could start over… O’yeah after covering the old pit with some soil, Grandma would plant flowers there. Simply beautiful.

    1. We didn’t have an indoor bathroom or even indoor plumbing, except for a wellhead with a hand pump right in the middle of the kitchen sink, until I was a freshman in high school. So we were well acquainted with the outdoor privy (with six kids, two parents and two grandparents all living together, so you can imagine how well we had to organize our lives. We should of done a proper time study to keep it all coordinated ;+}). We didn’t move ours around like you guys did. We used lime to break down the mess, and it worked pretty well, so the outhouse stayed in the same spot. And, oh yea, the grass and weeds grew very well all around the outhouse. ;+}

  5. That’s it!!!

    He is Definitely gone too FAR!!!

    Chicago Style Pizza without YEAST?

    He better not come back to Chicago with this edict!!!

  6. So Obama crowns his reign’s final days with two “achievements” he’s leaving to posterity (more coming, no doubt We have a few more days).

    1. The restart of the Cold War, which Obama has been trying to re-ignite for some time. We all saw signs of it for years. No huge surprise there.

    2. The War On Pizza, which no one saw coming, you have to admit. Who knew Obama was so angry at pizza? No one, that’s who. ;+}

  7. At this point he is a caricature. A cartoon. Pathetic and desperate.

    Everyone I know is excited for him to be gone. And for a renewal to begin.

    OT Everyone that is except for the Republican Congress. Learned nothing, will never learn anything. At this point it seems that Arizona Republicans are just really Democrats.

    Check this out — backing off on immigration and efforts to deal with Obamacare are pathetic. They have had 8 long years … Out the gate they should have plans for these two issues in particular.

    1. The biggest obstacle Trump will have to overcome is the RINOs in congress.
      Paul Ryan is looking at another election at the beginning of the new session.
      I hope someone defeats him.

      1. And that is why I am concerned about Priebus. I don’t believe him any more than I do Ryan. And they are BFFs.

        I am on the fence about the Trump family participation to be honest. Ivanka is influential and leans left. I don’t know if she is a Dem or not. I just think it would be better, and cleaner, for the family not to be involved. I would feel the same about any President. Kennedy did it and well, you know…:)

    2. Jeff flake is a flake from…Snowflake, AZ. His campaign was hopeful for us in AZ. Then he started kissing the Hispanic chamber of commerce butts. He lied and misspoke and we are sorry we voted for him.

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