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Minnesota Trending Red

Looks like that “Blue Wall” Democrats thought they had in the Rust Belt is turning red. From the Washington Examiner:

One of the most underreported stories of this year’s election cycle was how darn close the race finished in Minnesota for Donald Trump.

Yes, Minnesota.

The president-elect did not win the North Star State on Election Day, but he was 44,000 votes shy in a state he was supposed to lose by a predicted 8 percentage points.

That near-miss shows how red Minnesota has become and illustrates how much the entire Great Lake Rust Belt has changed. Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania all flipped their support from President Obama to Trump.

Underreported, too, is how muscular the Republicans have become in the state legislature. The GOP expanded its Minnesota state House majority and won control of the state Senate for the first time in six years.

13 Responses to Minnesota Trending Red

  1. Ahh…holding my breath on a state that could elect Al Franken and Jesse Ventura….but anyway Happy New Year from the still Red State of Georgia!

    • Patty, I can’t explain that douche, Ventura, but Franken flat out stole the election from Coleman. “Finding” ballots in the trunk of a car and other such shenanigans. Several people were convicted of election fraud over it.
      ‘Course I can’t explain his re-election……

  2. The November election didn’t just surprise the Dems/MSM, it also awakened millions of anti-liberal/progressive voters to the reality that they really weren’t alone, but others felt the same way they did.
    Years of MSM/Dem propaganda of “that’s who we are/aren’t” was just that – spin and lies meant to imply that anyone who objected or disagreed with them was a deplorable and awful American.
    The phrase “the wrong side of history” was also meant to convince right-thinking people they were standing alone with their religious values, their common sense, and their distrust of a too-big government trying to run or just ruin their lives.

    The big popular vote that MrsClinton received in California is suspect since all records indicate that over 1/2 of the voters or residents are Mexicans or of Mexican descent who don’t want to see deportations of illegals or a government that curtails the special treatment and monies they have become accustomed to getting.
    Politicians of both parties have ignored the Rust Belt or flyover country for years. The elites are doing well, everyone they associate with is doing well so they assume everyone is doing well, too.
    We can expect a lot of attention to the flyovers in the next 2 years by the Dems – but it won’t make a difference unless they can return to their roots by ditching the progressive programs.

  3. From Wiki:

    “In a 25-year period up till 2011, 84,000 Somali refugees went to the U.S. About 40% of them live in the State of Minnesota.”

    I wonder how much influence that particular issue had on the voters of Minnesota?

  4. I recall one lady voter saying she did not care if a woman was in the White House or not, all she wanted was a job. Trump talked jobs, job, jobs.