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Obama-Trump Bonhomie Starts to Go Out the Window

What began as a surprisingly cordial rapport between President-elect Trump and his Democratic predecessor has devolved into an occasionally bitter public feud over who should be calling the shots as President Obama prepares to cede his power to someone with a fundamentally different plan for the country.

Although he has just three weeks left in office, Obama has pursued an aggressive slate of foreign policy moves, environmental rules and executive orders in an attempt to tie up the loose ends of his policy agenda before Trump can begin to dismantle it.

Meanwhile, Trump has already begun to pursue his own agenda — a course that has repeatedly brought him into direct conflict with the sitting president.

“There’s no question that Trump is a unique animal, but what Obama is doing is unprecedented,” said Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist.

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44 Responses to Obama-Trump Bonhomie Starts to Go Out the Window

  1. It feels like Trump is already in office, and that really bothers Obama….That’s what happens when you go away on vacation and the really smart kid in the office takes over….


  2. It’s rather amusing considering Barry ran around with his “Office of the President-Elect” seal after the 2008 election, before he was sworn in…the implication being Bush was an inept clown and he was in charge now.

  3. Trump needs to tell Barry that if he doesn’t cut the shit, right now, that the incoming administration will set up a modern-day Nuremberg Tribunal, and try him for crimes against humanity. And then do it, when Barry keeps throwing mad-duck hissy-tantrums, as we know he will.

  4. The worse racial experiment in the history of the world. It failed badly.

    His vision of making the white man pay has failed. But he has put the country in a difficult situation and we are screwed for a long time to come.

  5. If I was asked for an opinion on MrTrump’s reaction to MrObama’s hissy fit, I’d say keep track of it all, then do your best to make thing right.
    MrObama is acting like the Ultimate Snowflake, the Snowflake in Chief.
    He might not be sobbing on MsValjar’s shoulder, or looking for a box of crayons to ease his dismay at the political future, but is acting out (as they say) all the same.
    Like the woman scorned who slashes the ex’s car’s tires or runs up huge credit card balances, MrObama needs some gentle counseling and MrTrump needs some patience.

    • “MrObama needs some gentle counseling and MrTrump needs some patience.”

      You can’t be serious……
      Obama needs his ass kicked and Trump needs to bear down on him.

      See the video I posted above.

    • ValJar. She received special Secret Service protection not normally assigned to her position (whatever that is). If that protection is for life, I do hope the Trump Administration makes the needed correction. She should never had it in the first place.

  6. If Trump is as smart as he seems to be, he will ignore the punk’s di-does and get on with his bidness. Ignoring Obama is the worst thing that can be done to him. He lives for the spotlight. Turn it off and … writhing worm.

    • I think, for now, Trump will hold his fire re Obama’s petulance and silliness. But, say, by Spring 2017, once Obama really begins trying to destroy Trump with his post-Presidency “shadow government” infantile foolishness, Trump will put a quick end to it. At that point, once all the players in the new administration are in place and things get settled down, Trump will teach Obama a lesson about “politics” Obama will never forget.

      • Well said, Marcus, and I agree. Knowing that – or hearing it from someone else so keep saying it LOL – makes it easier to trust that President Trump will continue to do exactly what he needs to in order to achieve his objectives for our wonderful nation.

  7. Nothing could be further from bonhomie that the evil nature of Barack Hussein Obama.

    bon•ho•mie (bŏnˌə-mēˈ)►
    A pleasant and affable disposition; geniality.

    And, a headline I saw that describes Mr. Petulant.

    Impotent Rage: Obama boots 35 Russian “diplomats” from US, Orders closed 2 Russian “encampments”.

    And further impotence. Putin and Erdogan discuss Syrian cease fire. Obama not included.

    Hawaii is in danger of sinking due to all the foot stomping of Obama’s tantrums.

    • These sanctions against Russia for “hacking the election”. Oh dear, I can hear Putin laughing . I am laughing too. Obama says that Americans ought to be alarmed too about the Russians. I guess he wants to take the attention away from that Russian-Turkish cease fire in Syria, The Obama White House was not invited.Imagine that, Turkey, a NATO-member ! No one respects Obama.

      • Agree. Now would be the time for Barry Obama to hear the words he used to mock Romney, “Hey, The ’80s called, they want their foreign policy back”.

        The irony is that Obama himself brought the ’80’s back with his truly stupid, destructive and insane foreign policy.

  8. “The White House has repeatedly warned Trump against resisting too many of Obama’s parting shots, noting that “there’s one president at a time” whenever the president-elect has expressed outrage over an Obama administration effort.”

    That’s funny, like Obama didn’t do just what Trump is doing when he was taking over the power from Pres. Bush. Okay for him, not for Trump. lol

    Trump is hitting the road running full speed ahead while Obama enjoys vacationing in HI Obama continues doing his damage under the last day of his term. Can’t WAIT until Jan 20th, it can’t come soon enough.