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Obama Declares More Land Off Limits

The Obama administration designated 1.6 million acres of Utah and Nevada as national monuments Wednesday, including one controversial area of Utah that is rankling congressional Republicans.

The White House announced the 1.35 million-acre Bear Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah and the 300,000-acre Gold Butte National Monument just outside of Las Vegas. The two desert monuments have long been discussed as possible monument designations, and President Obama said it was time to protect important Native American spaces and natural wonders.

He said the areas contain cultural artifacts, including rock art and archeological sites, and lands that Native Americans consider sacred.

Please read the story at the Washington Examiner.

14 thoughts on “Obama Declares More Land Off Limits”

  1. Are we missing something – like why now? Are there evil people trashing through Native American treasures or someone planning on putting up a subdivision of luxury homes there?
    The Feds own so much of the West now they can’t oversee with diligence, this is getting silly and non-productive.

    1. Maybe they’ll name it “Black Eye Harry’s National Park”, to commemorate the punch in the eye Harry’s brother gave him not too long ago.

  2. One way President Elect Trump could drain the swamp. Declare District of Columbia a Territory of Honesty. Outlaw; lying, cheating, fabricating, laziness, and exaggeration. All communication must be written on a slate tablet, as no talking will be allowed in the District.

  3. He’s getting even with the Bundys in Nevada. The Golden Butte is where BLM & the Bundy’s faced off.

    What I want to know is why that’s ok, but the rest of us Native-Born Americans’ heritage and cultural artifacts and sacred sites and traditions are just so much chopped liver? The fact is that in much of the USA, our families have lived in regions far longer than any Indian tribes had been there. Some, like the Comanche, didn’t even exist until hundreds of years after Europeans had settled the country.

  4. He believes, like a feudal lord, or a king that it is HIS land to do with what he wants.

    As for “rankling” Congressional Republicans. We’ve been down this road before. And just exactly are they going to DO about it? I’ll bet Ms. Lindsey will form a committee,like he does so outraged is he.

    Did the Turtle mumble, grumble something about something or did he just wave his well worn Obama white flag?

    Sorry. But the Republicans cannot be as rankled as I am with them.

  5. This “lands sacred to the [so-called] Native Americans” claim makes me curious. How do we know these lands are sacred — what proof do they offer of having held ceremonies there long-term, records of references to the places as sacred, etc.? How do we know this isn’t just a modern stick-it-to-whitey gimmick? When my friend built a radio tower, two women came from Washington, D.C., to make sure its shadow wouldn’t fall upon any sacred Native American this or that — a nice racket if you can get it.

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