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When the Media Compared Trump to Hitler

I had an editor once who told me, “Never use Hitler.”

It just pushes too many buttons. If you bring in a Hitler comparison, it ultimately becomes the point, taking away from your actual point. And it’s often like killing a single terrorist with a nuclear bomb.

But of course, the mainstream media can’t resist. Read “Seven times the media compared Trump” to Hitler, which is running on the Washington Examiner.


8 Responses to When the Media Compared Trump to Hitler

  1. I just don’t get it.

    Why do people hate Trump so much?

    So Trump isn’t a politician. Our Founding Fathers did not establish a political class, although that seems what we have now.

    Trump made his money through hard work, not through sleazy political shenanigans. So he has money he earned.

    He appears to love the USA.

    He is educated. Has educated children. He even goes to church.

    What is it? What are people afraid of?

    • M-J – One reason is pure and simple jealousy over the fact that he has money and O Horrors! He earned it himself – not honestly, of course, I have heard New Yorkers say that. The assumption of many of them seems to be simple jealousy: he made it, we didn’t.

    • 1) They lapped up the clinton campaign’s Kool-Aid about how Trump is Hitler, hates blacks, gays, women, and just can’t wait to launch himself some nukes.

      2) They’re jealous of someone whose history proves that capitolism and free enterprise work.

      3) They don’t want to be responsible for themselves.

  2. MrTrump is Hitler, we are Nazis in their minds. We are also White Supremists, alt-Right(whatever that is), along with the usual racist, homophobe litany of deplorable attitudes toward our fellow citizens.
    We’ve come a long way from “Donald Trump is a clown” and his “uneducated supporters”.

  3. I think the American MSM knows of no other historic events besides WWII and the Civil Rights Movement.

    So, they use one as a criticism and the other as a compliment.