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Kerry Admits Collusion on UN Resolution

Secretary of State John Kerry suggested Wednesday that the United States had at least indirect input into the United Nations resolution condemning Jewish settlements, pushing for it to be crafted in a way that would not cause the United States to reject it.

“We made clear to others, including those on the Security Council, that it was possible that if the resolution were to be balanced and it were to include references to incitement and to terrorism, that it was possible that the U.S. would then not block it,” Kerry said during an appearance at the State Department.

Israeli officials have accused the Obama administration of playing a role in the resolution.

Read the rest at the Washington Examiner.

12 thoughts on “Kerry Admits Collusion on UN Resolution”

  1. Kerry and Obama can take turns with flying leaps into a phone booth(shows my age).

    Whatever their reasoning for this betrayal of Israel and their concern for “peace”, it’s not the time, nor is it for them to decide the outcome.
    MrTrump made it very clear that his administration would protect and help secure the nation/state of Israel. The leaders and people of that beleaguered country won’t hear the voices of support from the little people, but we’re singing it.

  2. And to add to the anti-Israel policy Obama has so clearly shown the world since the earliest days of his administration, there’s this, as pronounced by Kerry today:

    ‘Israel Can Either Be Jewish or Democratic — It Cannot Be Both’

    So there is Obama, via Kerry, telling Israel how it shall conduct its affairs, how it shall view itself as a government as a people surrounded by enemies who want to destroy Israel. This attack on the only Democracy in the Middle East, a tremendous ally of the United States, is straight from the world view of Obama. It’s how he thinks about all issues–puerile, immature and very dangerous to all of us.

    Obama has done everything possible to destroy Israel, from looking the other way when Iran shipped arms to Gaza, to sending his envoys to disrupt the election of Netanyahu, to taking the side of every anti-Israel despotic country in the Middle East. He is much more comfortable, friendly and supportive with the crackpot killers in Iran, and the madmen of Hezbollah with its 100,000 missiles pointed at the people of Israel.

    Obama is a vile apostate in a world where sane people strive for peace, cooperation, mutual cooperation, and freedom. That shall be his legacy forever, whether he likes it or not.

    1. The 13 colonies formed a Christian country with laws that followed Christian beliefs, and for the most part, still does. However, the democracy that followed allowed or tolerated other religious beliefs so long as they obeyed existing secular laws.
      Israel can be anything they want, any way they want to describe themselves. It can be a Jewish Democracy that tolerates other religious beliefs.

    2. I’ve never understood the lefts passion to force unbalanced, unfair concessions from Israel, when those terrorists they work to help refuse to agree Israel has a human RIGHT to exist.

      Hang on Israel, a friendly face is on his way. Gone will be this admin who has thrown our allies under the bus and made ‘friends’ with enemies of America and Israel.

  3. I hope I live long enough to learn what foreign Muslim governments have over Obama. My guess is massive illegal contributions to his first presidential campaign, but that’s just a guess.

    They have some hold over him because he is their puppet.

  4. This is a lie. He got caught, so he is trying to make it sound like they kinda, sorta, maybe, (in a twisted sort of way) played a very tiny, small, minute part in all of this.
    WRONG – I think the evidence that Israel has to share with the Trump administration will show how deeply they were involved and how it was entirely their idea and they went from country to country to garner support and make it look like all they did was to abstain from the vote.

  5. Netanyahu has long shown himself to be SO much better at leading his own nation, making hard decisions to protect his own. Unlike Obama who has never done his job of protecting US citizens. EIGHT terrorist attacks on his watch on our own soil and what does he do? Begins to rush in more unvetted muslims, raised to hate America from birth in for us to support.

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