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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, December 27, 2016

9:40 am || Meets with Prime Minister Abe of Japan; Camp H.M. Smith, Aiea, Hawaii
11:10 am || Participates in a wreath-laying ceremony; USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor
12:05 pm || Delivers remarks with Prime Minister Abe; Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

All times Hawaii Standard Time, which is five hours behind Eastern

13 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, December 27, 2016”

    1. He’s in Hawaii. No one is paying attention to him. He is now making the most of Pearl Harbor.

      Didn’t do it on 12/07, nor other times he has been in Hawaii vacationing.

      This is shameful attention getting. Its’ going to be very painful for this man (and us) when he is out of the Presidential spotlight.

  1. Got sick at “delivers remarks.”

    He will probably say he could have stopped the attack on Pearl Harbor if he had been alive.

    Am so nauseous at the thought of 23 more days of this freak communist from Hawaii/Indonesia/Chicago/Kenya or wherever he was spawned.

    1. Communist-Muslim, cathnealon. The world knows that Muslims HATE Jews. This president has proven that time and again. From his first coronation to his exit. A solid hatred and contempt of Jews.

  2. ITs a scam! By doing a little “work” one day he can claim the whole trip as official business and get his vacation for free!

    Truly the EBT POS president! Head of the free stuff army of takers!!!!

    1. That’s a sure bet and you win.

      There’s more from the America hater-in-chief. Can’t make one speech without trashing America. This from a man who gave us Black Lives Matter. Where is a Kafka when you need one?

      Here’s the clip: ‘It is here that we remember, even when a hatred burns, a tug of tribalism at the most primal, we must resist the urge to turn inward and resist the urge to demonize those who are different’


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