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Obama Slights Hillary, Says He Would Have Won

President Obama says he believes he would have won the 2016 presidential election had he been a candidate.

“I am confident in this vision because I’m confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it,” Obama told former adviser David Axelrod in an interview for the “The Axe Files” podcast that aired Monday.

Despite what would seem a slight to the actual 2016 Democratic standard-bearer, Obama said Clinton “performed wonderfully under really tough circumstances,” and was also mistreated by the media.

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25 Responses to Obama Slights Hillary, Says He Would Have Won

  1. Yes, he would have articulated his vision which is all about skin color.

    Hillary had it tough because ‘you’re a racist’ still trumps ‘you’re a sexist.’

    If Obama had white skin he would have been run out of DC before he destroyed businesses and job security with Obamacare.

  2. What’s he talking about – he did run this past election. He and his wife made it perfectly clear that electing MrsClinton would be his “third term” and his programs or vision was part of her campaign.
    His legacy, his insights and farsights, and his personal feelings would be damaged if the voters didn’t vote for MrsC.

    The electorate outside major Dem cities agreed with him and responded by voting for MrTrump.

  3. He’s so out of touch with reality! He and all his little gremlins are the reason why the democrats lost this election! The people have spoken, get out of Dodge, there’s a new sheriff in town!

  4. He might have won, but it would have been because he’s AfAm and he lies all the time about his stand on positions.

    I remember observing in his first campaign now he’d make different stands on the same topic and people would hear only the one with which they agreed.

    I link to an excellent article by Matt Patterson. Please read it. He writes : Obama was given a pass – held to lower standards – because of the color of his skin.
    So true, but he doesn´t realize it yet, he believes he would have won again. Because he is just so brilliant in his own mind. Well, now the spell is broken, most people have seen that the Emperor was naked.And now they can even shout it.
    By the way, hope you all had a nice Christmas or Hannukah.

  6. Let it go lil barry, we got this. Imagine how awful it must be to be around this guy for the next month as he continues his slide into obliviation.

  7. Early on in the 2015 primary season, David Axelrod appeared on a CNN panel and announced, incredulously, that the ONLY person Obama ever ‘feared’ was Trump. He was ‘terrified’ that Trump would challenge him in 2012.

    As it turns out, Obama DID lose his third term. He is not going to need that expensive rental right around the corner from the WH now. That is, of course, unless he becomes Trump’s personal advisor. The daily calls from Trump to Obama are very disturbing.

    • I’m waiting for Obama to set up his so-called “shadow government” by which he plans to undermine the Trump administration. When Trump decides he’s had enough of Barry’s efforts to undermine him, he will open up a can of whup-ass on Barry that will expose Barry, his record, his supporters in the shadow government, the funding, the trickery…all of it. Barry will not soon forget the lesson that Trump will be very pleased to teach him.

  8. Oh Lordy no no no. Just the thought of term 3 for Barry. Stomach churning insomnia inducing. I’d shoot my eye out. May have watched Christmas Story one time too many on that last reason !

  9. Someone needs to tell him to put his head down, keep his eye on the ball and shut up.

    Maybe he is no longer listening to anyone, but he looks more and more desperate each day. From the island of Hawaii — far away from the center of power — hey what about ME.

    The loss of AF1 and all the other trappings that convinced him he was Somebody is really going to hurt. It makes me smile.


    • Did you see he spoon fed his 18 year old daughter some shave ice? Disturbing…
      I think tomorrow he meets the Japan leader at Pearl Harbor, maybe he (barry) will apologize.

      • I don’t want to make a big deal of this, but I have always noticed how Obama and the eldest are always side by side, and always holding hands. And now the shaved ice!

        I mention this because the press now is making a thing of Trump’s close relationship with Ivanka.

        Same same imo. A lot of families pair off like this, but the press and I (maybe we)zero in.

        Oh well. Soon, Thank God, the Obamas, while never our of sight, will be out of the WH. Now, if he would just go quietly and not comment on sitting Presidents. Bush gave Obama lots of latitude. Obama will not do this with Trump.

        Barack never got the hang of being President.