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Trump Attends Christmas Eve Services

President-elect Trump and his wife Melania attended a Christmas Eve service Saturday night at the church in Palm Beach where they married in 2005, the Washington Examiner reports.

They had attended the same Christmas Eve service last year at the church — which is minutes from his Mar-a-Lago estate — and also went for Easter.

Some members of the congregation stood up and clapped for the Trumps when they arrived.

4 Responses to Trump Attends Christmas Eve Services

  1. I have mixed feelings about publicizing a President’s church attendance. It’s such a private moment that it feels like prying to comment or judge.

    • I too have mixed feelings about it.
      I think it is great that they attend but in today’s world with all of the nut jobs out there it could become a dangerous situation.

      It’s a shame that it has to be that way.

    • I agree. But religion has become politicized. Like everything.

      In the world of presidential privacy, it has been accorded to two people recently. Both Obama and Clinton lie or have withheld information and they are allowed that privacy.

      Do we know what religion practices or faith Barack Obama follows? Unfortunately in terms of Obama and policy it might make a difference.

      And in the spirit of Christmas, even JFK was suspect as a Catholic.

      Yikes — I am spoiling Christmas . Apologies.

  2. After eight years of a “president” who only went to church to get his picture in the papers, I’d hope Mr. Trump’s motivations weren’t so facile.