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Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!

My warmest wishes to all for a very happy holiday. Contrary to what Mrs. Obama says, this indeed is a season of renewed hope. I wish all of you a day filled with family and joy – and eggnog or Manischewitz, depending on your holiday.


20 Responses to Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!

  1. Happy Hanukah to you and yours Keith. And thanks for all you do here.

    And Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas to all fellow WHDers. You all, like Keith, have certainly helped me with your wisdom and wit.

    I have rented a truck to help evict the Grifters from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as quickly as possible. No welcoming tea trolley — President Trump does not imbibe. But perhaps a traditional American start up lemonade stand to help us Make America Great Again.

    Blessings and Grace.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all WHDers. We’ve been through an amazing year, and are about to enter a new era for our country (we truly hope!). We’re ready. We’re motivated. We are hopeful. Yes, we are.

    Here’s Jennifer Nettles singing “Oh Holy Night” with a transition at the end to Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. Very nice.

  3. Happy Hanukkah Keith, to you and your family, as well as all those posters here who celebrate the Jewish holiday.

    Merry Christmas to the rest of us!

  4. It has been a good day. A Merry Christmas kind of day. A day of good food and fine wine and the indescribable happiness of a child and the presents received..
    I am grateful indeed – thankful beyond mere words.
    The greatest gift for me is the memory of these days and this time.
    Thank you, Lord. Your mercy and grace truly endureth forever.
    Merry Christmas.
    Happy Hanukkah.
    To all my friends and acquaintances near and far.
    You are always in my thoughts and prayers with gratitude…including you, Keith.