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Suddenly, the Media Want to Do Accountability

We’ve been doing that here at White House Dossier for years. Now, others suddenly find the notion enticing.

From an editorial by the Washington Examiner:

Major media organs have suddenly discovered a passion to act as a check on the powerful.

“One thing is certain in the presumptive era of President Trump. Journalists are going to have to be better — stronger, more courageous, stiffer-spined — than they’ve ever been,” wrote the Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan.

A few weeks later, the New York Times announced the formation of a new investigative unit to cover the federal government. Many in the press cheered the development as a good first step in establishing some sort of media “oversight” for the incoming Trump administration.

Calls to action are noble. Holding the powerful to account is the reason the press is in the First Amendment, and the power that needs the most scrutiny and skepticism is our federal government. So, cheers!

But where has this fire been for the last eight years?

20 Responses to Suddenly, the Media Want to Do Accountability

  1. Where’s it been the past eight years?

    Aiding and abetting this mistake of an administration that it helped stuff in our alimentary canal, and I’m still not sure which end it was stuffed in.

  2. This comes as no surprise to me.
    They have suddenly discovered accountability huh?

    The MSM has been a complete failure for the last eight years.
    If they had done their job, Obama would have never been elected in the first place.

    This new found desire to actually hold someone accountable,….could it be that their credibility is in the sewer?

    Is it because their ratings are falling?

    Any suffering that they experience is just fine with me.
    They richly deserve any and all criticism that comes their way.

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all the posters and Keith. This outlet and resource has kept me and my wonderful wife sane in the last year.

    We are thankful and grateful all all.
    Good health, peace and happiness in 2017

    Ok, and lower taxes too ….hehe he


    • I think it’s OK. I only use ‘Xmas’ as a shortcut when writing. Or not.
      I’ve heard some call it “Christ’s Birthday”, too.
      IMO, it’s all respectful.

  4. Au contraire – I think they are announcing their resolve to hold Trump responsible for all that does not please them. And given their previous allegiances, nothing about him or his acts will.

  5. Funny stuff! They’ll probably find more dirt on the grifters than the current president-elect.
    At any rate, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

    • If it’s too much, too far, it can be changed next year.
      IMO, they are targeting all of the newly unemployed or the chronically lazy who claim they have bi-polar disorder, PTSD, or any other mental condition. This will not affect those who are physically disabled, but the ones who are mentally disabled.
      As for us seniors – did your doctor or someone on the medical staff ask if you are “depressed”? That answer could raise a red flag for the nebby government. It’s not a fair question to ask a senior citizen – they might be depressed at the loss of a spouse, a sibling or friend, or have sadness as they deal with a serious illness.
      IMO, if it’s too harsh or too invasive, the Trump administration will fix it.

  6. I have seen nothing in the actions of the press since the election to convince me that they understand how far they have strayed from neutrality and how they gave more than earned the public’s mistrust especially over thus past year. They are not going to change, and that is a shame.

  7. Here at Casa Srdem, we wish you all a Merry Christmas.
    We have a lot to celebrate beyond the religious holidays at this time of the year.
    Enjoy, be safe, and see you after the holidays.

  8. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah. My Christmas celebrations are the day before and week after, so you guys enjoy the wonderous day.

    What Margaret Sullivan of the WAPO meant was that journalists are going to have to stop kissing up to Obama and start having to work for accurate news as journalists should. Their holiday, like Obama’s Presidency , is over.

    Also in the WSJ it suggests that DRT is “injecting” himself into policy — national and particularly, international with the UN and the new US “policy” re. Israel, upending traditional transition.

    I would like to suggest that Trump is not upending any thing, but Barack Obama did upend our way of governing and meant to upend the US. Trump is merely starting to correct the disaster course the US was heading for under Obama.

    All this “working hard, developing a spine” and “injecting and upending”. Looks like those journalists have a long way to go before the reach accountability.

    But not Keith. He was there from the start. Good job keeping us well and accurately informed throughout 2016. We look forward to 2017, with you at your new post. :)

  9. The Propaganda Media has decided to do accountability, NOW? It is too late. The audience has moved on to the internet for truthful sources. The Propaganda Media is/was nothing more than “fake news”.