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Trump Busting His Butt While Obama Lays Back

Reporters covering President Obama the week before Christmas have sent their dispatches from sunny Hawaii, but those covering President-elect Trump have spent their days recording the comings and goings of corporate executives, Pentagon brass and soon-to-be West Wing staffers as Trump conducts transition meetings from his Palm Beach estate heading into the holidays.

It’s just the latest sign that Trump plans to do things differently than his predecessor, whose affection for golf outings and leisurely beach trips stands in stark contrast to Trump’s known avoidance of vacations, the Washington Examiner reports. At the same point in his own transition period, Obama was cloistered in Hawaii with his family and a handful of staff, enjoying time away from the hard work of forming a government.

Trump has showed few signs of slowing down as Christmas Day approaches. Just three days before the holiday, he unveiled five new additions to his White House staff, including Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer, who will serve as his press secretary, and transition spokesman Jason Miller, who will serve as his White House communications director.

6 Responses to Trump Busting His Butt While Obama Lays Back

  1. It’s easy to destroy something that others have built, but it’s hard work to build something on what has been destroyed.
    27 days and counting till your gone, you and your legacy.

  2. The great irony. Trump is known for building beautiful golf courses.

    Obama,as CiC of the FSA, at taxpayers expense, uses a golf course, often those provided for the hard working men and women of the military, uses them as his Oval Office, and governs” from them.

  3. Oh, he’s not laying back, relaxing, looking forward to a nice retirement – nooooo.
    He and his minions are doing all they can to make life as miserable for us, for the new President, and for certain people around the world.
    Petty and vindictive doesn’t even come close to what he’s done since the election – it’s anti-business, anti-Israel, and downright anti-American. American Presidents do not throw a flurry of actions designed to damage international relations, prevent America from becoming free from foreign oil dependency, or release convicted criminals into law-abiding communities.
    No, the Obamas are wallowing in self-pity that all they think are achievements will be wiped out with the same pen MrObama thought would “fundamentally change America” forever by the new President.

    • We hear talk now about how Obama will lead a “shadow government”–so called–to oppose the Trumk administration with a coalition of radicalized crackpots like Michael Moore and many of the groups who supported Obama’s radical agenda. For sure, many of the moonbats who surrounded him in the White House (ValJar, etc.) will be part of this effort. We know with absolute certainty the corporate press will cheerlead this “shadow government” and praise them 24/7 for their efforts to destroy Trump. George Soros will open up his wallet to make sure this shadow government has all the money they need to meet their goals.

        • Yep, it will. They will sway the uninformed, the un-engaged, the clueless for awhile, but not the course of the nation under Trump. They do not realize, apparently, how completely fed up we are with their destructive agenda, and that we will not tolerate them or their BS anymore.