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Obama Permits UN Resolution Condemning Israeli Settlements

In case my fellow Jews needed any more proof about which Party has Israel’s back.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Obama allowed a resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction in disputed Palestinian territory to pass through the United Nations Security Council, marking a dramatic change in U.S. policy just weeks before leaving office.

The U.S. did not go so far as to vote for the resolution, but allowed it to pass by abstaining from the vote after decades of vetoing such proposals at the Security Council. Obama ordered the veto of a similar resolution in 2011, but his administration has grown increasingly critical of the settlements in the past year and frustrated with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, which the Obama team sees as partially responsible for the failure of recent Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

House Speaker Paul Ryan called Obama’s decision “absolutely shameful” in a statement released after the vote. “Today’s vote is a blow to peace that sets a dangerous precedent for further diplomatic efforts to isolate and demonize Israel,” Ryan said.

19 Responses to Obama Permits UN Resolution Condemning Israeli Settlements

  1. What a spiteful, petty, miserable, pathetic excuse for a world leader and the POTUS.
    He only allowed this because MrTrump supports Israel and is proud to do so.

    How much more damage can this sore loser inflict on us and the only democracy in the Middle East is just limited by his days left in office.
    Releasing thousands of “non-violent” drug pushers or other criminals, claiming he can prevent oil drilling for eternity, allowing thousands of costly regulations to become law, and still bringing in hordes of immigrants from countries where Muslim terrorism is learned and perfected is just a mean exercise in how Dems act when they don’t get their way.

    • But he acted that way even before he lost his third term with Hillary Pig Clinton. Don’t you remember before the election? how he put America down and never acknowledged white people, only black people?, He is and always has been a hater of America and its people, he only cares about immigrants and minorities, he has absolutely no feeling for any white person and he showed us that every day since 2008 along with THE BIG SHOULDERS, RACIST-wife.

  2. This man is the most shameful man in America!! He’s no American! If he were an American, how could his conscious allow him to destroy the country he claims he loves! After all the resent threats and attacks around the world, how can his conscious allow these terrorists thugs into our country! And to turn his back on our allies and friends in Israel!! Shameful and disgusting man! I am so concerned on what additional damage he’s capable of doing before departing the WH! On a happy note,”MERRY CHRISTMAS” everyone.

    • I have long thought that an American military sharpshooter would rid us of this pos as he played golf in Hawaii. I now think it more likely that an Israeli military sharpshooter, male or female, will do the deed.

      • Bonnie, he is appalling, but assassination, which you are suggesting, is even worse. Don’t go there. We haven’t stooped to banana republic yet. Let’s just take a deep breath and tell ourselves “this too will pass.”

      • Oh, you are too much, saying what everyone is thinking. I wouldn’t feel bad at all. I hurt for a lot of people but not him after all the Hitler-like administration he hoisted on us.

      • Bonnie, he wouldn’t be able to walk the streets, even with his secret service, he will be a target now, as this Resolution against Israel is very very dangerous for the Israeli people!. If they go near their own historical territory they can be arrested and hauled into The Hague! We have to realize that Obama, with this resolution, wipes out all of Israel’s history, Jerusalem, etc. So dangerous is this resolution, the Jackals will be just waiting to pounce on the Jews which is what they have always wanted, they don’t want a State, they just want to kill Jews, otherwise they could have had a state when Bill Clinton was President, he got a deal for Palestine that would have given Palestine 95% of what they wanted and they turned it down? Muzzies are only out for death and destruction since time began, all they do is murder people, thats all they want to do if you are not a Muslim. Don’t people get that yet? Anyhow, Bonnie, go sharpshooter from Israel, go soon!

    • What did you expect from two morons, Obama, a manic depressive, mentally ill, viscious, low-class, money hungry greedy animal. His spite has no limits, Hitler and Obama, two evil disgusting animals.

      The second one, Kerry, another miserable excuse for a human being who threw his military medals away and ratted on the military he served with.

      What did we expect from these critters? Two democrat communists who hate all rich successful people but like to have millions of stolen dollars for themselves, include Hillary Clinton in this bunch of traitors. Now the United States of America and the whole world will know and hate this Barack Obama and his cohorts, Anti-American trash for what they have done to Israel today for starters. It is so important to know who you are voting for when you vote for President. We didn’t know his education background and/or his terror connections and voted for him because he was black. Thats the only reason he snaked and lied into the presidency. The whole world knows now what an idiot, mean, spiteful,criminal, mentally unstable that he is. Good luck Israel, Trump will get rid of the U.N. and let the other 14 countries that voted against beautiful Israel pay for the U.N. Americal shouldn’t give the U.N. another nickel, They are completely anti-semitic, anti-religion just like Obama is.

      • This the Obama legacy, spite, hater of Israel, hater of America, traitor. Sorry for the rant above, but Obama has dealt a deadly blow to all of Israel and Israelis, that Powers woman should not be proud of herself today either, phony rich batch working for a communist administration, all liars Susan Rice, Powers, loser Clinton, I don’t know how these people will sleep at night knowing that Israel is now open to deadly blows from the other jackals. The #1 Jackal is Barack Garbage Obama! Worse than Hitler are the ones that have dealt Israel the deadly blow of the resolution. God will get all of them and soon. Trump, not one nickel to the U.N. anti-semitic immoral morons.

  3. Srdem you picked the best
    description of Obama…..
    SPITEFUL. said the same thing this A.M. to my husband. Can’t wait for him to be out of office.

  4. Thank goodness we won’t be inaugurating President Clinton next month. At least with President Trump there is a chance to reverse the damage Obama has done.

  5. No surprise from the President who hates America and its friends and allies.

    A fitting “present” from a small minded, petty man to a man who will honor the office of the President and return America to America and Americans.

  6. Who could possibly be surprised at this, yet another bizarre act by Obama? He sat, raptured, at the feet of moonbat Jeremiah Wright for 20 years listening to him preach about how evil the Jews were, how illegitimate the State of Israel was, how all the evil in the world was due to Jews. And he loved every minute of those “sermons”. And, so, here we are.