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Sean Spicer Named White House Press Secretary

President-elect Trump on Thursday named Sean Spicer, Hope Hicks, Jason Miller and Dan Scavino to senior roles on the White House communications team, the Washington Examiner reports.

Spicer will be White House press secretary, Hicks will be director of strategic communications, Miller will be White House communications director and Scavino will be the White House director of social media.

“Sean, Hope, Jason and Dan have been key members of my team during the campaign and transition,” Trump said. “I am excited they will be leading the team that will communicate my agenda that will Make America Great Again.”

As reported by the Washington Examiner last week, Trump had been expected to pick Spicer, the Republican National Committee spokesman and chief strategist, to serve as White House press secretary.

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  1. Earned Masters Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College in Newport.
    No participation degrees from any of the Services War Colleges.

    1. From what I’ve seen of him, he doesn’t take any crap from the talking heads.

      BTW, I answered your question on the bird spewing chaff that you asked over at Crawdad Hole.

      It’s a AC-130 Spectre gunship.

      1. Tks. It was so fast I just couldn’t make it out.
        Hope it’s still on the inventory, it seems so though.
        After reading your response, I did a little google search.
        Its hard to believe, but I do,that so much firepower can be released from a old fashioned out of date piston powered aircraft.
        Old fashioned and out of date, at least that’s what the enemy thinks till they get the s**t shot out of them

      2. I saw one in operation in the Vietnam War cleaning up the rice paddies around Danang Air Base. It guns fired so rapidly that it looked like it was pointing a searchlight beam at the ground. Impressive!

        1. I worked on Phalanx CWIS Navy anti missile gun.
          Uses the same gun as C130, A10.
          lots of you tube on this as well.
          It can shoot down a 5″ gun projectile in flight!

        2. When I was off the coast of Onslow Beach, NC back in 1996 during a major joint USN-RN amphibious exercise I saw a USAF SPECOPS AC-130 in action.
          My LSD was anchored off the beach and one night while on Bridge watch I saw a little black dot circle the beach…then for seconds I saw “laser beams” (Gatling guns, 40mm cannon & 105mm airborne howitzer) destroy some section of treeline… It was like something from Star Wars :-)

  2. Trump’s team so wait and see.

    I am not all that crazy about the picks. Especially Spicer because of his relationship with Priebus. There was another Priebus pick the other day (I can’t remember who for what).

    The others look “good enough”. But weak tea compared to what the Dems and MSM will throw at them,

    But hey,Trump’s call. His team.

    1. I think Trump is like any good commander/leader/CEO, get and stay with the program or your relived.
      No loose cannons on Team Trump, otherwise when they wake up in the morning and hear the morning news they’ll be saying what the hell happened ?

  3. Also read Kelly Ann to be Counsel or Special Counsel to President much like Karen Huges/Bush or ValJar/Barack, although ValJar got SS protection not commensurate with her position.

    Left screeching about Kelly Ann — what is that position, job description etc. I tell them look at ValJar, although not sure Kelly Ann will be afforded the perks extended by Obama to Mama/Val.

  4. OT Here is an excerpt from Mark Steyn either on the victims of the most recent Christmas market terrorism or terrorism in Europe and America in general.

    It is spot on True. And I will pray for and remember the victims and their families. And damn the cold blooded, small political Arrogants that allowed it to happen,often without sufficient consequence to the criminals or justice for the victims.


    But it is December 20th, and for the victims’ families in five days’ time that will be 100 per cent of their children or parents or boyfriends or girlfriends missing at the Christmas table. Say a prayer for them: They died because of the recklessness of a western political class that has doubled down on a mad long-shot sociopolitical experiment that can only end catastrophically.-Mark Steyn

  5. One morning each week the Press Sec should just stand at the podium and ask the journalist questions. Like tell me what the hell is going? Why did your paper/cable news make that a story? Why didn’t your outlet produce the whole truth? I think it would change some dynamics in the press corp..

    1. The corporate press is too far gone to incorporate proper criticism or conduct proper self reflection to improve their “reporting”. They are propagandists for a particular political point of view–right or left–, and have always been so since the founding days of our Republic. There is no such thing as “objective” reporting, one of the attributes the American press has been peddling to us to boost sales and income since the early 1800’s. That’s when the rotary press was invented and the press could increase daily sales of newspapers by telling readers, “We are objective, not like that other lousy newspaper that lies to you all the time. So buy our newspaper.” That sort of thing.

    1. A very compelling case.
      Two points here.
      When you seal records, you’re hiding something.
      And at every turn Republican candidates are asked release your taxes, what are you hiding.
      Release the real BC and put an end to it and open your sealed records.
      Simple, it would have ended this controversy 8 years ago.

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