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Obama Planning Another $6B in regs

President Obama, who this week has issued a flurry of environmental rules, is planning to unleash another set of “midnight regulations” right before he leaves office that will cost Americans $6 billion.

Obama has already broken all past records on creating federal regulations and red tape, and his new adds will boost the overall price tag to over $1 trillion.

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8 Responses to Obama Planning Another $6B in regs

  1. Will it never end? This is the exact reason Trump was elected. This moron thinks it’s his duty to screw over the American people. Just when you thought he was occupied with pardoning drug dealers and terrorists, he comes this load of crap.

    • From my weak understanding, the zones Obama designated for drilling ban were never optimum locations anyway and would not be high on the list of primary locations oil exploration would select.

      Another feel good decision from the left…

    • I love it! Barry the Tyrant and Hillary of Benghazi, Who needs these people? They are just plain criminals, the two of them! We have been saved from another miserable 4-8 years of this Hitler-like tyranny! For now anyway, we must forever keep our guard up and not let these un-American, greedy, hateful, racist, dumb, traitors take over ever again. Obama is just really mentally ill in the things he is doing before he leaves. Just like Hitler, read up on Hitler before he left Germany, he left so much ruin in his wake. Sick people were running our country, I hope they are gone, but they will be lying in wait to pounce again. The question is why? The anwer is power and money, they are trying to brainwash America to think that there are too many white people!. What diseased idiots they are. God save us for now with Trump.

  2. Oh yes honey…Barry is the quintessential nice guy hiding his mean as a snake personality underneath a swarmy smile..get ready for his scorched earth policy in his last 30 days….from the golf course no less…a carefully planned rollout to drive a stake in the heart of conservatives ..and the USA.

  3. Recently 60 Minutes had a piece about how some lawyers are taking advantage of The Disabilities Act. They will find something off a fraction of an inch and bring a lawsuit. It is really out of handle.