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Obama Bans Offshore Drilling in Arctic, Atlantic

President Obama took the “historic step” to ban offshore oil drilling in the Arctic and off the Atlantic coastline, the White House announced Tuesday afternoon.

The action represents a partnership between the United States and Canada “to build a strong Arctic economy, preserve a healthy Arctic ecosystem and protect our fragile Arctic waters, including designating the bulk of our Arctic water and certain areas in the Atlantic Ocean as indefinitely off limits to future oil and gas leasing,” the White House said.

The move is “deeply frustrating and one that will mean a bleak economic future for Alaska,” said Lucas Frances, a spokesman for the Arctic Energy Center, an industry trade group.

The largest oil trade group in Washington, the American Petroleum Institute, said the decision moves the country in the wrong direction and vowed to press the incoming Trump administration to do away with the ban.

“We are hopeful the incoming administration will reverse this decision as the nation continues to need a robust strategy for developing offshore and onshore energy,” said Erik Milito, the group’s director of upstream investment.

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18 Responses to Obama Bans Offshore Drilling in Arctic, Atlantic

    • I would hope that Trump will erase that bum’s stupid phony exec order. I’m pretty sure Trump will reverse it and have the drilling done in a humane and safe way. After all, Trump is bringing back coal so maybe or definitely he will do away with the moronic and spiteful acts of the ridiculous things that Obama has “passed”. Obama reminds me of the cartoon “The Little King” (look it up) and/or a fake emperor! He also reminds me of “A Man Without a Country”.

  1. a “partnership” with another country? Sounds like a treaty to me!

    Unless the Senate approves this, everyone should consider it null and void.

  2. Guess Obama will be busy doing lots of “historic”, one of a kind, stuff for his legacy. Doesn’t matter what it might do to the country.

    By the time Trump, time and truth starts shredding Obama he will be seen as what he was an Emperor with No Clothes.

    • Trump also understands that we do not want to live in the dark and walk where we need to go. O is just masking it as hard as he can for Trump to undo the damage. Take care out there. Don’t let any of the newly released jihadists from Gitmo get you.

  3. Such a little insignificant Barry, trying to remain important while not golfing and hiking in botanical gardens while the world explodes.
    The local news here was all abuzz because the Honolulu police of chief is on leave due to being investigated by the FBI …who will cover for barrack and all his dinners and whatnot?

  4. Y’all are brainwashed by big oil into thinking we need to drill in the Arctic, and anywhere else! We don’t. Big oil and cronies want to make billions, trillions, that’s all it is. And that’s from charging us triple at the tank because it’s so difficult. And they’d get subsidized and tax exemptions too, meaning taxpayers are paying for it ALL, and oil execs make tax-free trillions from our wallets! Wake up! You’re in a trance.

    • Mike,

      Check out the word for today – Economics.

      In a free society the free market will decide for us instead of the centrally planned economy that Obama likes to run. His 8 year plan — with little accomplishment — is done in under 30 days.

      • LOL.. I read about the snow in the Sahara. It turns out that the world temps and climate have been fairly flat for about 20 years and now temps are decreasing at bit. Perfectly normal cycle. Two factors are the major influences our climate at the 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999 percent level. 1. The activity of the sun (sunspots, etc.) and. 2. the thermal activity in earth’s core. We have no control over either on one. There’s little doubt, scientifically, that we are entering a cooling cycle. So pretty soon we will be hearing ‘We’re all going to freeze to death unless we stop driving cars and obey the government”–which we heard and read constantly in the last cooling spell in the 1970’s.

        Anyway, here’s some interesting science about the topic.

        • Tks. Marcus, that was a terrific read.
          I never knew about Solar Probe Plus to be launched 2018 or so.
          I thought our space exploration was on hold.